The so-called “Epstein/Trump” connection: Another 4D chess move?

This morning a dear friend called me. This friend, like most of my other old friends, grew up blue-pilled and so I don’t even bring up all that I am finding since I red-pilled myself. But this time was different. She actually was the one to bring up the Epstein arrest! So not just the MSM, but this decidedly non-political woman has also begun to open her eyes! But of course, she followed up by saying, excitedly, “And Trump is connected to him!”

Which, of course, offered me the perfect opening . . .

Trump banned him from Mar-A-Lago, etc. 

Afterwards, I wondered, why now? Why is she finally waking up, even partially, to what is going on? Why is she actually listening to what I have to say? I thought maybe it has to do with the NXIVM case, how it was the preface and now that people are waking up, once Raniere was convicted on all counts, that maybe Epstein is the opening act? But she had never heard of NXIVM. Hmmmm . ..

But then, this afternoon, on twitter, this. Makes perfect sense!

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