More on Widening Significance of Epstein Arrest

For those who’ve absorbed “news” that the Epstein arrest implicates Trump, see this:

“Trump knows all their secrets. And they know that.” Besides, Trump attended their parties, SOBER. So he remembers details.

Furthermore, when Trump realized that Epstein, a Mar-A-Lago neighbor, was molesting the 14-year-old daughter of an employee, he had him banned from the property.

Trump Banned Epstein From Mar-a-Lago Years Ago, Here’s Why…

Not only is Trump not implicated, also

Prosecutor in 2009 Epstein Case Said Donald Trump Was the ONLY ONE Who Helped Him

For a fuller rendition of what has just gone down and its possible turning point for Trump’s campaign promise to drain the swamp, here’s the SGT Report:


Are the four recent “suicides” of NYPD cops connected to this Epstein arrest?

Is Hillary Clinton’s withdrawal from upcoming keynote speech connected to this Epstein arrest?

What about the 20-year-old Disney actor, Cameron Boyce, who just died in his sleep, supposedly from a “seizure from an ongoing medical condition.” Any connection?

Oh wow! And what about the Chinese mega businessman recently arrested for molesting a nine-year-old girl? Any connection?

And remember this, from two months ago. Any connection?

Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved — Corporate Media Ignores It

And remember, just after NXIVM, and just before Epstein, was Scientology. Another child trafficking and worse bust now waiting to happen.

Scientology accused of child abuse and human trafficking in new lawsuit

Oh yeah, and remember also: the judge has ruled that 20,000 pages from the original Epstein case are now, FINALLY, to be released to the public.  




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