BIG DEAL: Jeffrey Epstein Arrested

I first saw the news on twitter. Huh? Is this from the past, an old post? The Daily Beast:

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors

I wondered if I could trust this source. Then it began: an avalanche of tweeting from all sorts of sources, washingtontimes, miamiherald, gatewaypundit, even the New York Times was forced to post on it..

This is NOW. This is real. This is a big deal.

Even this morning, it’s as if there’s nothing but Epstein news on twitter. It seems that everybody knows what a big deal this is.

Imagine the flood of horrifying, salacious, disgusting, yes, evil, revelations that are to come from this single arrest. For if NXIVM was the first domino, then this new Epstein arrest, coming more than a decade after his laughable rich man’s plea deal the first time, the doc to be unsealed and opened tomorrow when he appears in court, is the next domino; and, there may need be no others, since Epstein seems connected with a web of famous pedophiles (and worse) so deep and wide and thick that the world is about to completely change.

Question: but will the world actually wake up?

To me this means: Did the Weinstein and Spacey arrests begin to wake up the sleepy, innocent public? (And note: Spacey questioned again yesterday, in the UK for five more possible assaults).

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let us keep a wider perspective. Let us remember that whatever is going on, it’s in the human world, not the natural world. That whatever we humans construct on top of nature is just that, a construction, and ultimately, not real.

Here’s what’s real: The fragile, lacy beauty of this mimosa, flowering just outside our front door.




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