Post-4th of July: Check out one person’s gradual red-pill dawning

My experience yesterday with Democrats and the Reverse Citizens United Octopus while marching in Bloomington Indiana’s 4th of July parade left me wondering. What IS the process by which people red-pill themselves? The people I was marching with are smart, engaged, and yet even now, two and a half years into this presidency — with North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria and Venezuela, and hopefully soon Iran all fundamentally (but apparently) reconfiguring from war to peace — they still are suffering from TDS. A couple of people brought up the subject of politics before the parade, but I just listened to them pile onto Trump, as if it’s obvious he’s a narcissist, an idiot, a liar, and worse. I just couldn’t wade into that fray! Not nearly enough personal energy to both cause a ruckus and march in the same parade! This is new, and shows me that I am getting older. But wiser? Naw. Just less energy.

So when I came across this video last night it really spoke to me:  how one person began to strip the veils from his own eyes.

BTW: my own first red pill moment came with the death of President Kennedy. Nothing has been the same since, because I knew without a doubt that whatever happened on that day, we were not being told the truth. And that, from then on, our “brief and shining Camelot moment” was gone. Never to return? That’s unclear at this point. Trump does feel like he’s made from the same contrarian cloth, and fearlessly takes on the powers that be, despite, like JFK, coming from the same class that he seeks to depose.

This man’s experience is similar: his red-pilling came especially from realizing that the MSM lies.

BTW: Serial Brain 2 has a new post out that features yesterday’s D.C. extravaganza.

Though I haven’t read it yet, just from the title, “Winning Winning Winning” I know that it echoes my own sentiments: that this parade/speech/flyover/fireworks display was truly astonishing. That though the focus was on the military, the military itself can be used for many purposes, not just war. I do think Trump is preparing the American people for what is to come, re: declass, arrests, military tribunals, etc.

Oh and BTW: those who, like my fellow Octi marchers yesterday, think Trump only talks about himself, should listen to yesterday’s speech. Not one reference to himself. The entire talk was devoted to military history, told through detailed stories of courage under fire.

And, did you notice the impeccable timing of the flyovers within the speech? Remarkable.



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4 Responses to Post-4th of July: Check out one person’s gradual red-pill dawning

  1. Kathryn J Anderson says:

    Wow, what a great Independence Day video!! Finally now I have something to send to those that are hypnotized by the Deep State….most everyone I know!! Feeling lighter and have a deep knowing that all will eventually bring us to WORLD PEACE!!!

    • Rachael Carlson says:

      I second all of Kathryn’s comments, most importantly feeling lighter and more hopeful after watching this. His red-pilling journey very much mirrors my own Who would have guessed…..?

  2. Anthony says:

    Your pill was merely red?

    The one I took was beyond scarlet; in fact, it was almost…


    Maybe it poisoned me; who can say? I do see the dark side of almost everything, and that is burned into my birth chart. So I still am on the bubble with Trump (though if he DOES have an active heart center, that’s a plus!).

    I have read too many things and seen too much happen that mirrors the history of countries that have hosted the world’s reserve currency to be complacent.

    But – there is this: yesterday, while taking a nap, I had a very clear vision of JFK. I am a trained psychic, and it actually seemed natural; not something “beamed” at me (as has happened before).

    Then today I read an entry by someone who follows “Q”, saying that “Q” is none other than JFK Junior.

    So, that was an odd coincidence.

    I’m still skeptical though, and I know you’d have me be no other way!!

    Take care,


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