July Astrology: EXPECT A WILD RIDE

Two eclipses, one which lights up the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and the other — which occurs today! — heralds an upcoming Mercury retrograde period that will provokes both a strong Mars/Uranus contact in Leo/Taurus and make an incredibly tense triangle with the long-running Jupiter/Neptune square.


So, what do these configurations — Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde on Mars, Lunar Eclipse  mean?

Please note that I place all three charts for Washington, D.C. rather than here in Bloomington,Indiana, due to the fact that we are in the midst of an expanding and deepening national upheaval! Or as Q anon and followers — and Trump himself — have colorfully called it, welcome to “The Storm.”

Okay, let’s take them one at a time.

July 2, 2019: New Moon/Full Solar Eclipse




Today’s New Moon/Full Solar Eclipse occurs at 10° Cancer, and so personally important for those with planets that lie within a few degrees of 10° in the cardinal signs  (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Notice that this New Moon/solar eclipse, this New Beginning, will occur within two days of the U.S.A. birthdate, July 4th. So while the eclipse path does  not cross over the U.S. mainland, the degree of the eclipse lights up the natal U.S.A. Sun itself.

To me, this New Moon/Solar Eclipse stimulating the U.S.A. Sun in Cancer makes President Trump’s upcoming July 4th extravaganza Salute to America in D.C. one for the ages. Just how, who knows.  Though this New Moon eclipse does not closely aspect the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, the Full Moon/Partial Moon Eclipse, two weeks later, will directly aspect this historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction that promises to upend, clear out, restructure, detonate, all sorts of entrenched structures (including what we call “The Deep State.). So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, what I find remarkable about this solar eclipse chart is first of all, that it ties the Mars/Mercury conjunction at 0° and 3° Leo to Uranus, in earthy Taurus, which has been “causing” the material upheaval we all feel, since Spring 2018, when it entered Taurus just as the Hawaiian volcano started to blow. Remember that? Now at 5° Taurus, Uranus squares the Mars/Mercury combo, thus stimulating what will be, no doubt, very strong, eruptive, surprising communication on that day and throughout this month that may, in fact, cause chaotic conditions. Especially note that unpredictable, innovative Uranus sits on the Descendant of the solar eclipse chart for D.C. Such angular planets move inner energies into manifestation, and the Descendant signifies “the other,” whether partner or opponent. There are bound to be fireworks, not just the regular kind, but the kind that flare up from polarized human minds already poked into overdrive by the extremist, hate-filled atmosphere generated by social media.

Please everyone, before you speak or write, think about what you want to say. And furthermore, take your own emotional temperature. Are you too hot-blooded right now to be trusted with your words?

Furthermore, this same Mercury/Mars conjunction triangulates with the long-running Jupiter/Neptune square. This particular pattern is incredibly intense, because it combines a frictional 90° square with two approximately 135° (square, plus semi-square) frictional connections. See the triangle? Mars/Mercury, near the top of the chart, aspecting both Jupiter and Neptune, both below the horizon.

Jupiter at 18° Sagittarius square Neptune at 16° Pisces began in January of this year, and will not move out of orb until November. Fully ten months long: We are being asked, both individually, as a nation, and as a world, to balance Truth and Love. And furthermore, to appreciate and learn how to embody (Taurus) both. In practice, this often means that instead of speaking from our heart (Mercury/Mars in LEO) we tend choose one over the other, and/or embody either or both in their less evolved forms. For example, large Jupiterian Truth can degenerate into imperial, excessively self-centered braggadocio and/or fundamentalist ideology; and Neptunian unconditional Love or compassion can devolve into deception, denial, confusion, escapism, addiction.

Those qualities of Big Truth and Big Love (both right brained, by the way, NOT left-brain detailed and analytical (Gemini and Virgo), but overarching (Sagittarius), and immersive (Pisces), are here combined with the strong, courageous (Mars) impulse to (Mercury) communicate, in the sign of Leo. Leo can degenerate into selfishness, egocentrism, my way or the high way, the need to have one’s own “truth” be the one that wins, period — and to hell with “love”!

Now notice again, the Uranus in Taurus contact to the Mars/Mercury conjunction, a strong square. I have a feeling that in the political realm what has been going on in the last few months has put the liberal left into a tailspin. They don’t want to change their superior “politically correct” mind, because they know they’re right, they’ve got to be right! But meanwhile, Uranus is excavating the earth from under their feet. No where to stand. Nothing to stand upon. It’s over, folks.

July 7, 2019, Mercury turns to go Retrograde

I go on and on about this particular aspect pattern, because on July 7th, only four days after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Mercury will turn to go retrograde, and then  back up towards Mars, making the aspect between them, and thus strong, even majestic (Leo) and/or egocentric communication, more and more powerful and likely. Mercury retrograde periods (three per year) last for 21 days. This one is bound to be a doozy, given that Mercury will be going back and forth over Mars in Leo, bringing Truth to light like never before. And the aspect won’t fully complete until these two planets once again reach the places where they are now, not until mid-August.

Here’s the Mercury retrograde chart: Notice Mercury at the minute it turns to go Rx, or SRx, at 4°28 Leo, at 7:15 pm EDT, Washington DC, not even one full degree away from Mars at 3°49 Leo.


Furthermore, as Mercury begins its retrograde journey, pressing on pugnacious Mars, the Sun starts to light up the Saturn/Pluto conjunction by opposition. This illumination will last a full week, until it passes opposite Pluto.

I haven’t even put up the next Eclipse chart, a Partial Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn, that lights up, once again, the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction. That will occur on the 16th-17th. Think I’ll postpone that discussion until I can catch my breathe from this one.

In any case. Welcome to July 2019.








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  1. €*7*£ IAM says:

    Very good work.. Thanks. GOD BLESS you all.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Egads!! Me with cancer sun and rising and capricorn moon….maybe I should just stay in bed! Not easy to observe the mess we are in even though I knew this was coming. I pray that all the upheaval will result in a total reset of the world, because right now it sucks!!!!! I know…I chose to be here….

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