Reflections Upon the Portland Antifa Assaults

If you’ve already seen this, please, don’t watch it again, unless you are a masochist who wants to hurt your heart.

It’s hard for me to understand how the extreme leftist fascist group that calls itself Antifa (Anti-Fascist) got that Orwellian name.

Then I looked at a 2017 video, a short history of Antifa, its ties to Nazi Germany, when it was also called Antifa, and frankly, the story is so convoluted, I don’t have time or energy to understand all the possible permutations. (Just as I don’t have time or energy to understand all the various strange conflicting and entangled sub-stories of what we’re now calling “Spycraft.”) While I admire, or more precisely, while I marvel at those who do try to keep the lines of force and linkages among all sorts of people, events and processes involving violence, corruption and deception of any kind at least somewhat clear, I just can’t go there. Too much time and energy wasted on what I do not like and would rather see less of!

The Epoch Times: What are the Origins of Antifa?

Once again, I want to point out that the future we get is the one we create, first of all in our visions, which then, with enough spunk and determination and cooperation among all the worlds, begin to materialize. At least that is how we’re working, here in Green Acres Permaculture Village. Let us call into aliveness the kind of future we know is possible! A world that feels good, connected, and regenerative. First, as little pockets everywhere, networked with each other, people and land in harmony, all over this good Mother Earth.

I do think it would be wise to label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. We need to nip these seeds of violence in the bud, before they get way out of hand. Which means: we need to nip the seeds of violence within ourselves — all those times I’ve been so upset with someone that I wanted to kill them! YES! ME! Supposedly a “wise” 76-year-old who’s learned from her experience! And no wonder: I’m a double Sagittarian, a fiery fearless futurist who wants my own way, or else! Because, of course, I know best. HA!

Kevin Shipp reminds us of just how fraught are these times when the media, politics (including “political correctness”), academia, and all sorts of other nefarious, mostly institutional forces are pushing full on in both chaotic and coordinated attempts to divide us into smaller and smaller categories — all based on either bodily appearance or fundamentalist (fascist) ideology — at each others’ throats, then to be “saved” by clamped down centralized authority, the so-called New World Order.

Which reminds me: Am very relieved that the “Pride” month is finally over with. What a crock! That made me so mad I wanted to kill whoever continues to drum up the idea that biological gender is instead a “social construct” that can then be fractured into a million pieces. No wonder we don’t feel whole! Even within ourselves, not to mention with each other.

BTW: I have no intention to “arm” myself, though I do intend, more and more, to open my arms to the universe Yes. Let us invite in the Love that fills and fuels all of creation.

And let us remember: Nature Abhors A Vacuum.

As Fear recedes, Love pours in.





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  1. rose day says:

    It appears that Shipp has boarded the Fear Patrol and your reminder that ‘as Fear recedes, Love pours in’ is much appreciated as a counter measure.

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