AND HOW SHALL WE LIVE? From Saturn to Pluto

A crone-age woman whom I barely know, and whom I last saw in some kind of meeting with others at least a decade ago, emailed me yesterday, wondering if I would join her at a local coffee shop and give her my perspective on her art, which was now gracing its walls.

Wow! Okay!

If there’s anything I love best, it’s the sudden, surprise invitation!

Besides, even though I’m pretty curmudgeon-like in my attitude toward the “outside world,” preferring to spend my time alone or with others and friends here in Green Acres Village, I was very curious to see what her art would look like, as well as to meet with her in person for the first time. For I sense her as another one on culture’s edge, a big, warm-hearted, generous, breezy woman, full of energy and delight — almost childlike in her enthusiasm. Her presence delights me! Though I didn’t mention this to her when we met this morning, I did say that I find her watercolor pieces — most of which are quick sketches that capture an essence of their subject, and clearly show a consistent imprint without being at all repetitive — both “zany” and “playful.” Truly, this woman lives by her own rules, and expresses herself fully into the world.

But wait! It turns out she does not! In fact, what she wanted to speak to me about was how she and most people she knows are full of fear! She says she’s not as fearful as she used to be, but it’s still there.

I imagine that many (most?) people in this culture, as they grow older, do experience more and more fear, especially if they live alone, as she does. Truly, we do need to reorient ourselves completely as individuals, with each other, and as a culture, if we wish to not only survive, but to thrive.

Seeking something appropriate to send her from this blog, especially from the old, legacy series, AK Reader  (and its subset Astrology), I remembered the essays “Gambling on the Universe” and “Is the Universe Friendly?” both of which contain the subtitle “FROM SATURN TO PLUTO.”  Interesting, in that not only might they help her continue to let go of fear, they also both contain detailed descriptions of the differences between Saturn and Pluto, which remember, need I say it again? (see lots of previous posts) — are conjunct this year and next for the first time in 35 years. The conjunction between two planets signifies a time of new beginnings. We are being asked to plunge below Saturn’s “necessity” to immerse ourselves in nature’s “necessity,” the realm of Pluto.

Oh, and BTW: At the end of our conversation, I identified her as a Crone. She knew I was giving her a compliment.

AK Reader: Gambling on the Universe: From Saturn to Pluto (1992)


Is the Universe Friendly? From Saturn to Pluto (2000)

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