If this report is true, it is astonishing. Not to mention horrifying. I wonder what my deceased husband Jeff would say about it. He made a game of learning foreign languages when he was a kid, and ended up reading and speaking all the Indo-European languages, plus several others, about 30 in all. However, with English-speaking parents, he learned English as his primary language before embarking on that unusual journey. 

All my life I have been fascinated by the relationship between thought and language, and how particular languages shape thought, thereby skewing it in certain prescribed ways so that the very act of learning how to speak is simultaneously the act of distorting, and even severing, our original telepathic, omnipresent connection to/immersion in the whole. For if, when we were tiny children, our original awareness was spacious, unformed, at one with the consciousness present throughout the universe, then learning how to speak a certain language simultaneously focuses awareness more narrowly by inducing us into that particular culture.

Parents who teach their children several languages, usually do it with the mother speaking one language, and the the father the other language. The child learns cultural relativity early on that way, a great boon.

However, in the case of NXIVM day care centers, called Rainbow Cultural Gardens, we learn of  what I can only call a mind-control torture that confuses/disturbs/fractures the thought/language relationship at the outset, ruining the child’s capacity for language and its relationship to culture before it can even begin! Can you imagine anything more truly evil?

NXIVM Cult’s Daycare Centers: Human Experiments Left Children Damaged for Life


“The most diabolical experiments that he conducts are experiments where babies are subjected to a constant succession of strangers who take care of them instead of their parents, and the strangers teach them foreign languages,” Parlato said.

“The cult members’ children, they are pressured to give up their children to Raniere. They pay $10,000 to Raniere for the privilege of having Raniere teach them how to speak.”

“Seven different nannies would spend time with the children each day and speak seven different languages, rendering the children illiterate, confused, and permanently intellectually damaged.

“Adults are shellshocked now having been through this,” Parlato said.”

For much more on the same experiment, see:

Rainbow Cultural Gardens Closed down in Monterrey by Mexican Government

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