Happy Solstice! June 21, 2019

Tomorrow, when the Sun reaches its northernmost point in the zodiac, and turning, to go south. Longest day, shortest night. The fullness of the solar year.

We are planning a Solstice Celebration with our usual Community Dinner this evening. More on that after we’re done!

Four hours later . . .

We’re now done, and it was wonderful, energized, Jupiterian! I’ll put up a post on it soon.

Meanwhile, above, see the chart, for Bloomington, Indiana. Sun at 0°00 Cancer. Notice that this chart features, as does any chart during this two week period between June 9 and 22, a very tense, strong, and productive T-cross that features action-oriented Mars (with Mercury and north node) opposite the structure-busting Saturn/Pluto (with south node) conjunction in Capricorn, and this opposition between family and the state, comfort and necessity, caring and coldness, is in turn squared by Eris, that newly discovered planetoid that is so far off (557 year cycle) that it has been in the sign of Aries since early in the 20th century. Eris, the “goddess of discontent,” stirring things up within the collective unconscious of humanity. All of us alive during this time on earth have Eris in Aries. We are all discontented with the current “order,” all needing to protect (Cancer) and defend (Mars) those we love, including this living planet, from the forces (Saturn/Pluto) of destruction.

Luckily, what Saturn insists on, it also completes. And what Pluto kills, it also rebirths. Happy Solstice!


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