Do you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and/or Capricorn? IF SO, HEAD’S UP!

And are your cardinal planets located in or around the 18°-23° area of any of these four signs? If so, you’ve got furious, impulsive, action-oriented, no holds barred MARS, today at 17° of emotional Cancer, and moving about one degree every two days, either conjunct, square or opposed to that degree area of the zodiac NOW.

Why does this matter? Because we are in the midst of a long-running, and still forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in that degree area of Capricorn. This zeitgeistian phenomenon, which joins Saturn, the planet of stern discipline and decision to Pluto, the planet of primal death and rebirth, occurs approximately every 35 or 36 years. It began to be felt this year in April and will go through about November of 2020, with the climax January 10th, 2020 when the two planets come to exact conjunction at 22° Capricorn. Since this conjunction involves the two most karmic planets, both inexorable, depth-charging Pluto and uncompromising, decisive Saturn, it’s always momentous for whomever, and whatever groups and institutions want to continue doing what they’re doing and find themselves thwarted, throttled, forced to CHANGE — especially when triggered by Mars!

Here’s a portion of the chart for RIGHT NOW, showing Mars (with Mercury and the north node) opposed to Saturn/Pluto (with the south node).


For example, my housemate Dan, tells me of a few friends of his who have recently started to experience panic attacks, on a daily basis. Furthermore, most of his friends, he says, are drinking way more beer than usual (self-medication).

For example, a very dear and very wise friend of mine is being forced to choose between two seemingly incompatible outcomes, both of them very very painful.

For example, a female — not a friend, that’s for sure, but someone of whose life I am becoming very familiar — as of June 10, is wearing an uncomfortable and imprisoning ankle monitor. Not sure for how long; it’s to make sure she doesn’t run before her trial.

I’ve already posted on how the Mars square to Saturn/Pluto will be putting President Trump and his family at risk (he has natal Saturn/Venus in this degree area in Cancer).

Likewise the United States itself, which has natal Mercury in Cancer opposed to natal Pluto in Capricorn, again, in this degree area.

Note that the future-oriented north node, during this period, conjuncts Mars in Cancer, and the past-oriented south node conjuncts Saturn/Pluto. Thus the way of the future is to go towards Cancer, feeling all the feelings, no matter how painful, rather than pretending to do the usual, bury feelings under a stiff Capricornian upper lip. It’s time to let our guard down; it’s also time to learn how to express and move with feeling. If you feel angry, know that your anger covers your pain. Rather than “project,” feeling furious with someone else, notice the anger as a cover for your pain. Feel your pain. It’s likely to have been there for a long time and needs to be fully processed before it can dissolve.

YES. Expect big happenings, on all fronts; expect events and processes that are NOT fun or easy, but have been building momentum for the past few months — and I might add, at a deeper level for the last 35-36 years, ever since the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction — and climaxing in some way or other during this month of June 2019.

So yes, this is a heads’ up! Mars will be triggering this Saturn/Pluto conjunction for approximately the next two weeks. Hold still. Breathe. Feel the energy, rather than act precipitously upon it. Respond, rather than react. Please.

And above all, during this difficult time, know that you are loved beyond all measure. 


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