BIG DREAM: William Barr and Me . . .

There are run of the mill dreams, and then there are Big Dreams. This is one of those. They don’t come along very often, and when they do, it’s as if I step through a portal into a brand new world.

So. Two nights ago, I was wakened abruptly in the early morning, stunned by what had just occurred. In the dream . . .

I was at at some kind of official public event, milling around with others in the lobby beforehand. Attorney General William Barr was present. I went up to ask him a question. The two of us ended up talking and moving into an intimate shared space, as he softly placed his hand on my arm. We then turned to go into the auditorium, arms around each other. Sitting side by side, his arm around my shoulders. I felt warm and secure in his sheltering presence; and even in the dream, amazed at the meeting and the turn it took. A brief flash of making love naked with him; again, that same warm comforting feeling.

Now Barr and I are walking out of the auditorium with the audience. I am beginning to pull away, thinking this remarkable encounter with a very public man, whom I admire greatly, is ending, when he subtly pulls me close and whispers in my ear: REMEMBER, WE ARE CHANGED.

It was his whispered remark that woke me up, startled. Lying there, in a sort of swoon, I sensed that this dream encounter had synthesized the two of us into a shared frequency. Now, when I read about Barr, or watch videos of him, with his remarkable unflappable manner of confronting any political point of view with an insouciant attitude of mild detachment while demonstrating a strong, clear, stubborn determination to dig through all hype and spin to the Truth, no matter what the outcome, I sense a camaraderie, as if our potent, secret tryst in full public view has simultaneously elevated and deepened my comprehension of and surrender to full, unbridled aliveness.

And ever since this dream I have felt utterly protected, safe. As if nothing can touch me, and all that I do is play.

I don’t think the dream has anything to do with foreseeing a partner in waking life. Rather it feels deeply Jungian, alchemical: the inner marriage with the animus.

Here’s an interview from yesterday (video plus transcript) with Barr, done while he was in Alaska. I found it interesting that CBS offered this in its entirety to its audience. Might someone like William Barr  help wean both the American public, and the MSM media, from the increasingly frenzied focus on hysterically polarized politics?


JAN CRAWFORD: But when you came into this job, you were kind of, it’s like the US Attorney in Connecticut, I mean, you had a good reputation on the right and on the left. You were a man with a good reputation. You are not someone who is, you know, accused of protecting the president, enabling the president, lying to Congress. Did you expect that coming in? And what is your response to it? How do you? What’s your response to that?

WILLIAM BARR: Well in a way I did expect it.


WILLIAM BARR: Yeah, because I realize we live in a crazy hyper-partisan period of time and I knew that it would only be a matter of time if I was behaving responsibly and calling them as I see them, that I would be attacked because nowadays people don’t care about the merits and the substance. They only care about who it helps, who benefits, whether my side benefits or the other side benefits, everything is gauged by politics. And as I say, that’s antithetical to the way the department runs and any attorney general in this period is going to end up losing a lot of political capital and I realize that and that is one of the reasons that I ultimately was persuaded that I should take it on because I think at my stage in life it really doesn’t make any difference.



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  1. Well Miss Ann; As usual you get to have all the fun.!

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