What would happen if we all stopped pretending?

I got an email yesterday from another “Ph.D astrologer” whose name I seem to recall from long ago, when we both wrote for the wonderful little short-lived print magazine, Welcome to Planet Earth. She had seen a post that was republished on Shift Frequency, and recognized my name. From there she found exopermaculture and “explored [it] for an hour or more in the middle of last night.” Hmmm . . . she sounds like me on my ipad, waking up at odd hours, not sleeping again for at least another hour.

She continued:

I was really glad to see that we both made it to the “other side,” meaning beyond the political liberal mindset. I can’t talk to most people here in [an East Coast state], and I don’t really publish my point of view. Frankly, I feel I would lose clients, which I can’t afford to do. I’m still working and reorganizing to be able to afford the rest of my life! I write about astrology and myth from a perspective of consciousness. I do have some like-minded or at least open-minded friends, but a couple of them think I’ve been brainwashed. I guess we have all been along the way. One suggested getting an astrological intervention from a colleague . . .

. . . Actually it was Shift Frequency that first surprised me into questioning assumptions by posting pro-Trump articles during the election campaign, which I honestly didn’t pay much attention to. I just knew I seriously disliked Hillary. I wrote in Bernie Sanders.

A combination of the Brexit vote, an online panel looking at the August 2017 eclipse in relation to Trump’s chart, the devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean, the 2016 Presidential election, and the early, accidental discovery of Q and various citizen journalists upended my perspectives. I have never been so politically interested as I am now.

Like you, I do follow Q, with great hope for “The Plan,” which has allowed me to be more calm than many people I know.

I do think Assange is being taken care of…. in an “enjoy the show” kind of way. I pray that it is so.


So happy to connect with a kindred spirit! And yet, I’m sure she would agree, even beyond his apparent blindness to the feel of the Earth beneath his feet, there are other troubling aspects to the Trump presidency, despite what appears as a wily penchant for sting operations against his own appointees in order to flush their real views to the surface. Hey DJT, if so, it’s about time you rid yourself of both Bolton and Pompeo, don’tcha think??!?

Paul Craig Roberts condemns the current administration (as well as all the others), citing here, the extraordinary weirdness that surrounds the treatment of both Assange and Manning.

The Assange/Manning Cases Discredit Humanity

It’s hard not to agree with Roberts on this matter. I especially note Roberts understanding of how we gaslight ourselves, by not paying attention to how this country has invaded, ruined, and pillaged from countless countries ever since World War II — or actually, ever since the U.S.A. was formed, 93% of the time in some war or other — all under the guise of “spreading freedom and democracy.” As Roberts notes, what our country does is just too terrible for us to actually pay attention! We prefer to pretend not to know!

And besides, I’ll add, most people’s jobs are in one way or another dependent upon the corporate military-industrial behemoth that now spans not just this country, but the entire globe.

Even my newly rediscovered astrological sister in spirit, in her New England state (don’t want to give the name, in case her clients would figure it out), has to worry about how her political views might ruin her professional reputation.

I’m reminded of a situation, very close to me, but again, I must leave it unnamed, where a man, who has just broken up with a woman after some kind of strange event that brought the police in but that he doesn’t want publicized in any way, doesn’t even tell his teenage kids (who are with him only part time) that he has broken up with her, and they, when he comes to pick them up for a movie at their mom’s house in his newly battered car, don’t say anything about the car. Yup! They don’t ask the natural question, “Hey Dad, what happened to the car?” Why? They know better. Though they’ve found out that she’s gone, they don’t know the circumstances, and know they’re not supposed to say anything until he decides to actually tell them that she’s gone and what happened at the end. They, who have recognized her erratic and volatile temperament and steered clear for far longer than their dad, are already relieved, knowing she is gone. And yet he, who must know that they already know, won’t say anything about it! So they are psychically coerced to not say anything themselves. In this way his own fear of getting past his own ego’s embarrassment at having been wrong in his assessment of the woman, is forcing his own kids to pretend!

I’d say we are in much the same predicament here in this nation, which will never be actually “GREAT” until we recognize that our entire economy is threaded into  our vast military apparatus, which itself doesn’t give a damn whether it “wins” any particular war. Indeed, better to keep any war going, so that the weapons keep flowing to both sides.

Do I sound cynical? I am cynical: about how this country continues to pretend.

Trump himself is aware of American warmongering penchant, doesn’t like it, and yet is seemingly either compromised, or paralyzed by the fact the President is only a pretend role; or that at best, a president can only occupy a tiny little spot inside the vast military  deep state apparatus that grinds on and on no matter who is president.

Let’s just say that there’s lots of pretending going on, at every level, from intimately personal all the way up to political, geopolitical levels. We all feel it. For all of us, there are areas of life that we cannot speak truth about, lest certain applecarts that we depend upon get upended.

And yet, and yet. It’s way past time to begin speak truth, don’tcha think? What would happen if we all did just begin to tell the truth as we see it; to unburden our chests with what we have been withholding, no matter what the outcome? Imagine how our beleagered hearts, compressed from withholding, would rejoice, begin to beat joyously again, attuned to the life force that runs through us all and through the veins and arteries of mother earth.

Imagine the relief, were we to do so! All of us, beginning with what is closest to home for us. In this way, we lay the cornerstone of the new foundation for manifesting our dreams of a transformed future.

BTW: while the cynicism may reign in many lives — and Roberts is an exemplar of this; pointing, in the above article, to several incidents that have been broadcast to the public of people hurting one another wantonly — cynicism, for me, does not reign in my daily life. Indeed, I am accustomed to experiencing the very opposite. For example:

Yesterday I was in Dollar General, where I get my dog treats, and yesterday, toilet paper too. You never know what you will see that you actually need, for $1 each! Such a great idea, these dollar stores, if I can overlook all the silly, unnecessary, often poisonous junk on the shelves! In this case, Dollar General stores are just like all the “brands,” getting shipments from afar of junk made by economic slaves to pawn off to willing customers who, in this case, tend to be “lower class,” since they have no choice but to live largely below money. Unlike most people, I call learning how to live below money FREEDOM, a great boone!

So, standing in the long line, waiting for the register, a woman gets behind me loaded with stuff, and it’s all in her arms. I say,”You look like you need a cart. Want me to get you a cart?” She looks up, startled, smiles, says no, she’s fine, and we chat for awhile, relaxed, as we wait. When I get up to the front and unload my stuff, the guy ahead of me says, with a smile, “Want me to take your cart back? I can do that!” and this time it’s my turn to smile, and thank him for the favor.

Yep, chain reaction! Let’s prove Santayana wrong.


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