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People ask me what my goal is for Green Acres Permaculture Village. I tell them I have a vision: of other little pods like this three-house one cropping up inside our 440-house neighborhood, networking together into perhaps four good-sized villages, 100 homes in each. When they look at me incredulously. I say, ” Since I’m now 76, this is beyond my lifetime, obviously.”

And, since we live at one edge of Indiana University, I tell them I see more and more university departments developing programs that partner with Green Acres Villages as a demonstration site to develop programs — in sociology, city planning, architecture, economics, biology, art, psychology, on and on, for the kind of education needed in the 21st century. We’ve already cooperated with professors in several departments for semester-long courses that utilize this site as a base; and there is no end to what living next door to a university could do to begin a frisson between that gigantic institution and this tiny material demonstration of a transformed set of cultural values in what I, a philosopher, (Ph.D. Boston University 1973) call Applied Philosophy: the seeding of a transformed set of values within the soil of our cultural home..

I tell them I see what we are doing here — growing community from the ground up — as a template for the future of suburbia. And given that about 52% of Americans live in suburbs, that’s a BIG DREAM.

Just imagine: living in place, sharing and connecting with neighbors, working the land together to convert yards into food gardens, with winding paths and other commons, like tool sheds, greenhouses, community rooms made out of garages, patios, etc. Starting and working little food-based and other businesses individually and together, again, in place.

That’s what we’re doing here. Place-based education. And we inspire others regularly through weekly Community Dinners and other events where we welcome one and all.

Let’s make this and other BIG DREAM materializations go viral! Why not? What do we have to lose? 

Let’s face it. We’ve already lost just about everything to BIG GOV and BIG CORP and their constant running theme, BIG WAR, on their way to their so-called New World Order. It’s time to take the power over our own lives back from top-down, centralized authority. Time. to begin to move from within, expressing our real natures into the world around us. True sovereignty begins within each of us. Regenerative power grows from the bottom up, in grounded persons, homes, neighborhoods carved into villages, networks among them with a bioregional focus. Everywhere. Land-based permaculture synchronizing with social permaculture, even spiritual permaculture, connecting the inside of each person’s heart through the Earth to the heart of the cosmos. 

Here’s another with a similar dream. James True also includes cryptocurrency and blockchain in his vision, so I would tie him in with my son Colin Cudmore, inventor of the Garden Tower Project, who sees similarly. In fact, join Colin’s vision with Ann’s vision and you get James True’s vision. YES!

Man from Katuah

P.S. For those who think this expanded way of thinking and acting is simply outrageous, over the top egocentric, way too much, here’s an excerpt from Jon Rappoport latest post. And BTW: please join his email list, as his site has now been taken down by wordpress, which hosts this site, too. I need to back it up, obviously. 

Having big goals, big dreams

by Jon Rappoport


In my collection Exit From The Matrix, the importance of big goals and big dreams comes to the foreground.  This is the main event.  This is where electricity occurs.  This is where old habits are swept off the board and new plans take their place.  This is where previously unseen energies emerge and a person feels a new deep sensation: power.

Focusing on achieving a goal you don’t really care about is deadening, to say the least.

Every individual is “built” for achieving big personal dreams/desires.  This is where magic can happen, in the form, for example, of synchronous events that spontaneously come together and fortify each other.

In working with clients, I’ve learned the importance of doing what’s necessary at the right time.  Sometimes it’s all about unearthing those big desires and dreams; and then there are periods when the strategy of how to bring a dream to fruition is paramount.

In the end, what transforms a life is pursuing, with great intensity, a major dream.  Then, EVERYTHING moves up on to another level of experience.  Then, a person knows what it means to be alive.

Am I talking about imagination?  Absolutely.  This is where it starts.  This is where the new path originates.  This is the dream and the vision.  In my collection, Exit From The Matrix, I include a large set of unique imagination exercises that are designed to liberate that far-reaching quality of the individual.  Does the quality have a limit?  No.  It isn’t a machine or a robot or a computer.  It isn’t programmed.  And that’s the whole point.  The limitless nature of imagination wakes up the individual.  He wakes up to infinity.



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