Okay, billionaires, use your imaginations. PAY IT FORWARD!


Billionaire Commencement Speaker Shocks Grads with Promise to Pay Off Student Loans

Here’s one man who decided to let his powerful imagination rule. He just jump-started his magnificent VISION FOR THE FUTURE.

Morehouse College grads: $40 million total college debt. Wiped clean. So they can jump start their future.


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2 Responses to Okay, billionaires, use your imaginations. PAY IT FORWARD!

  1. Anthony says:


    When I first read this article on Zero Hedge I actually teared up. This is *exactly* what needs to be done in order to free up future generations from the debt-slavery system that students are subjected to in this country.

    However…reading a few comments on the ZH forums, it became clear that there are some very interesting things about Morehouse College that most do not know about.

    First: it is an all-male liberal black college. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but consider this – from Wikipedia:

    “In April 2019, Morehouse announced that they will begin admitting transgender men for the first time in the year 2020.”

    OK, so they are becoming all-inclusive. No biggie.

    However, they’ve gone overboard. The college where Martin Luther King, Jr. got his degree, did this to a chapel dedicated to him on campus, to protest a “rape culture”:


    Noone ever faced charges for that incident. So, it’s just another liberal college indoctrinating its students in anti-American activities and quietly promoting the destruction of the principles that founded this nation.

    Not that the students are to blame for their brainwashing, and I’m glad they got some debt relief. But this to me is just another step on the road to a socialist society, where those who accept their place in the burgeoning socialist system are rewarded – while those holding to the tenets of true freedom this nation was founded on remain on the outside.

    Were this to happen to those attending a college with a true mix of students, both liberal and conservative; white, black and other – this would be a far different story.

    Oh, and there is this to consider as well:

    “In May 2013, President Barack Obama became the first sitting president in three-quarters of a century to deliver a commencement address in Georgia when he took part in Morehouse College’s 129th Commencement ceremony.” He was also given an honorary degree.

    Something to remember, as details about who he really was and what he stood for bubble up to the surface.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Your sleuthing is terrific here! I’m hoping that this will launch a cascade, spill over to other colleges. They’re all complicit in the brainwashing, however. IU had Samantha Power for the commencement speaker this year.

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