Alt-Epistemology: Let us avoid switching from one fundamentalism to another!

On a meta level, what’s the difference between fundamentalist Islamic and fundamentalist Christian? Answer: nada. Both assume that only one way, their way, is the right one. Both assume that of all the strict, confined mental silos dotting this planet, there is only one that should stand, theirs, and the rest be damned!

That’s the strange thing about fundamentalist anything. The unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs. Why?

What does that get us?

I have a feeling that we think we’re looking for intellectual certainty when really, underneath, we’re seeking emotional security; and that, my friends, is not to be found using the mind. Instead, sink down into the body; allow the body to attune to the living Earth, sink further into Earth’s place in our solar system, further into our solar system’s place in the Milky Way  galaxy — on and on, further and further, let us sink, through our bodies, into the Divine Mystery that holds us all, warm, safe, and beloved.

In other words, we can gain emotional security, but only at the expense of intellectual certainty.

Let us, instead, open our minds to allow continuously expanding horizons within an infinitely mysterious universe. Forget tearing down one conceptual helmut just to clamp down another. And let’s face it: those who value processing their own experiences sooner or later realize that even when we think we know something, further opening will throw new lights on it to the point where the meaning, and the “truth” of it is bound to mutate. Which makes the following graphic itself “false,” since even the the “shit you know” YOU DON’T KNOW.

Check out this example of switching fundamentalisms, in this case from New Age to Christian, so dogmatic it’s almost laughable!

A List of New Age Practices to Avoid and Why



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5 Responses to Alt-Epistemology: Let us avoid switching from one fundamentalism to another!

  1. I’m listening to Rudolf Steiner readings. I discovered for me at least, Steiner needs to be listened to not read. There’s dozens of hours of Rudolf Steiner Archives now on YouTube. I’ve listen to quite a few.

    Steiner’s work confirms my intuition, that it’s okay if I do not graduate. I may have even sealed my next life by stating such a thing. Steiner’s work strikes right to the heart of your Religion’s Pie Chart illustrated above.

    Steiner reports on more than secret teachings, he walks us through a spiritual graduation, with something like this: Now you’ve met the Lessor Guardian and the Greater Guardian and all the other criteria of the super-sensitive realms; you’ve experienced the ego, the etheric, and the astro realms, and perceive the Akashic, perceive auras, the spirit worlds with presence of mind having mastered your own rising Kundalini . As you graduate know this, you are now on your own. You no longer have spirits and angels working in the back ground, unseen and helping you. You are the maker of your own realms from now on.

    The thought of not having unseen guides, angels and helping spirits makes me realize I’m still in preschool, and that’s just fine.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow! Me too, kindergarten. And thanks for reminding me of Steiner audios. Perfect for my middle-of-the-night listening sessions. Back in 1974, I had just gotten together with my high school boyfriend and was wondering what I was going to do with my time in our still sleepy hometown where he was the Editor of the local paper, and I was the weird hippie. Wouldn’t you know, I discovered Steiner somehow, right then. I marched down to the library and asked them to get one Steiner book for me per month through interlibrary loan. Steiner was a godsend. But yes, I would love to remind myself of his wisdom, and very much prefer audio these days. So thanks again.

    • Yes, I feel like I am still in preschool. and that’s just fine. At times I think I would like to meet someone with access to the “Akashic”information but then my Kundalini within myself may need more time.

  2. There’s even plenty of room for the Fundamentalist-serving Doreen, who’s “list” ultimately, probably, does no harm directly and leads to nothing more than to pacify a tradition, itself stuck in the embrace of intolerance… just Love them anyway.

    As Franciscan trained priest Fr. Richard Rohr tries to remind Doreen’s tribe, “Christ” is not Jesus’s last name. Rohr works to offer a bridging perspective to broaden both an understanding of The Cosmic Christ so forlorned by Doreen’s tribe, and relate to New Age under the Catholic Mother Church belief towards inclusiveness. Rudolf Steiner goes further and refers to the very same cosmic template as “Jesus – The Christ”, is “The Greatest Avatar”, embodying The Ego Body, The Etheric Body, The Astro Body (Steiner’s language) and how each of these super-sensitive spiritual energy template bodies are used separately to expand and multiply The Christ’s presence in Earth’s realm. What Doreen’s Tribe simply does not understand or relate to, is that Steiner, the Theosophist gone public, is spiritually supporting Doreen’s tribe, not leading them into the darkness.

    On another front, the scientific front, The Resonance Academy, Nassim Haramein, is bridging new theories in observational science adding great leaps of understanding to the significance of sacred geometry, universal consciousness (the Akashic), and manifestation, through breakthroughs by Haramein in Quantum physics. This is really new stuff developed in the past two decades.

    Just as dear Carla Rueckert channeling “The Law of One,” I will strive to never leave the positive energy of The Christ. So Just love Doreen’s tribe anyway.

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