As Saturn approaches Pluto in Capricorn, let us dig below contemporary culture, to unearth real wealth

Saturn now sits within two degrees of Pluto in Capricorn, a sign location for these two  together not seen or felt since the year 1518! Hard to believe, I know, but it is what my Tables of Planetary Phenomena tells me. Since Saturn’s cycle is about 30 years and Pluto’s cycle is about 248 years, then of course conjunctions between them are much more common, the last one being in Libra 1982 (what news signifies that particular Libra conjunction best? Grace Kelly’s death?) and the one before that in Leo 1947 (the year  of both the Roswell UFO crash and the birth of the CIA).

Yes, every 35 years or so these two planets come together: the planet of stern discipline and authority meets up with the powerful planet of the depths, death and rebirth. That Saturn and Pluto are now closing towards their exact conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 is extremely significant. Saturn rules Capricorn, so is particularly strong in this sign; also, Pluto, ever since 2008 and the near fall of the world’s fiat money system, has been in Capricorn, heaving its ongoing wrecking ball to old, decayed, corrupted structures of society.

Also, notice that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction itself is ushering in the first ever return of Pluto to its own natal place for the United States of America. Our adolescent period of using power wantonly is about to meet its commuppance. By the time Pluto moves into Aquarius, 2024-2025, if the U.S. even survives this long transit, then the karmic kick back from the endless warmongering of this proud “exceptional” nation will have humbled it enough to start over.

Remember, we do not understand the full meaning of a planet until we have completed its cycle once. As individuals, given the 248 year long Pluto cycle, we will never fully grok Pluto’s power. All we can do is learn to live with Pluto as, over and over, at significant times in our life, it pulls us into the depths and then releases us to be born again.

So, with the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn in mind as background, I’m not surprised that this next video held me, all the way through, not because I’m tempted to pull up stakes and hit the road, but because the same values that these new gypsies are learning have pervaded me most of my life. And they are values that detonate the usual values we live by in materialistic America. Rather than considering money as the “bottom line,” let us choose to live BELOW MONEY, as far as possible, if we wish to be free. These RV folks tell us that life on the road costs about $500-$600  a month, way less than usual, and that’s including $100 to $150 for gas! Of course, the use of all that gas is a problem, for me. How can we become truly energy efficient, i.e., not dependent on energy supply from elsewhere that is derived from wounds to Mother Earth?

My solution to the problem of my own “energy footprint” is to plant myself into the soil of Mother Earth with others; together we learn how to cooperate with her in growing food. Rather than living alone (as most people my own age (76) do, until they get carted off to an “old age” home), I have two young housemates — and thus automatically diminish my personal energy footprint by 2/3.

Especially loved this particular dude, Randy Vining, shown below. In fact, Randy is now in the running, along with  Victor Davis Hanson and James Carse, for my special Saturn/Pluto Elder of the Year award! I’d love to experience a three-way talk among them. While they inhabit vastly different universes of discourse, all three are thinking, for themselves, about the way society works and does not work. In this day of group think, to be such a wise contrarian is the rarest of qualities.

By the way, here’s my “two cents” — and this assessment applies universally, no matter what our stated or unstated values. We humans are always participating in two activities, with the first actually derived from the second. These are:

What we are doing on this planet is MOVING STUFF AROUND.

But . . .!  And . . .!

Moving stuff around is always AN EXCUSE FOR RELATIONSHIP.


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