Lisa Renee: Unpleasant Truths

This past week has revealed so much in terms of ongoing dramas that finally played out to their finales. These included, in my life, one man who finally took his own life after being coerced, for years, to do so, by his partner, who kept saying: “You promised. We promised each other if either of us were ever incapacitated, we would take our own life.” This man had “frontal lobe dementia,” supposedly. And while his short term memory was gradually failing, he was fully here, present, until the moment when, at his partner’s ongoing insistence, he inhaled the helium. Finally, an “inconvenience” removed, the partner could move forward in life. 

Does this strike you as the way humans should be with one another?

Someone (who? I rack my brain, to no avail) at our Community Dinner last Thursday night told me that I would enjoy the book, Finite and Infinite Games, by James Carse. After hearing the story yesterday about the coerced suicide, I ordered it this morning.

Lisa Renee addresses the ways in which the subtle and blatant brutality of contemporary life has degraded all those who are susceptible. Let us vow not to be one of them.

Lisa Renee: Unpleasant Truths


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  1. My research into “the after life – between life” through many contributors to past life regression hypnosis, some 30,000+- cases of which I read about half, indicates that there is only a small chance of not creating karmic debt through such a bargain.

    One chap kept encountering past lives where he suicide himself over and over many times through many lives, with no natural death ever in his path. And here he was seeking answers to his depression in his current life. Finally after many early exits through suicide, he was warned by a high counsel in the Between-Life, if he suicides again, his soul energy would be dissolved and he would be returned to The Infinite Intelligence which made him. This was like dozens of suicides in a row.

    I think it’s reasonable to say, he got his money’s worth in that past life regression session.

    There is a case where the brother incarnated to suffer for the karmic benefit of his sister. He chose a painful suffering, disabled life to reach a point of a just mercy killing from his sister, in a past life. It was reported to be karmic free of debt. He was in such great pain at the end, fully incapacitated, he was begging his sister to release him back to God, which she eventually did in a mercy killing. Both were held harmless and incurred no karmic debt. I would tread in great fear to try to interpret those events and would not assume I knew anything worth offering to others as advice.

    Like the Blue Bonnet Margarine logo, “It’s not nice to trick Mother Nature.”

  2. James Carse was one of the professors, along with Derek Parfit (and spiritual professors Wittgenstein, Arendt, Weil, de Beauvoir, Derrida, various Hindu and Buddhist thinkers…), who most influenced me in my formative philosophical career. I haven’t read this book but am going to order it too!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Fantastic! Yes, I notice other books of his where the titles intrigue me. Will read this one first.

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