Two videos of interest NOW: Serial Brain 2 on the Kentucky Derby; Mark Taylor Prophesies

I was among the 50% of little girls who are besotted with horses, unconsciously drawn to their power, grace and beauty. So naturally, even at 76 years of age, I still keep one eye on the Kentucky Derby. Not a very serious eye, since I now see horse races as one more excuse for gambling; and I wonder how the horses are treated, especially after their racing days are over. Nevertheless, the fact that this year’s Kentucky Derby ended up in a completely unexpected way, given that, for the first time ever in this storied race, the obvious winner was officially declared NOT the winner in favor of a decidedly lesser horse, caught my full attention. What especially caught my eye were their names, “Maximum Security” and “Country House.” Hmmmm . . . I wondered. What’s that all about?

I intuitively felt like something had gone down that was not supposed to, and that what had gone down was bad. Couple that with news of a Russian flight going up in flames the very next day . . .  for some reason, I couldn’t help but somehow connect this news to the Derby fiasco, and those horses’ names. Thus, imagine my amazement to see this analysis by Serial Brain 2. For while I don’t pretend to fully understand his decodes — he works with gematria, where each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number: A = 1, B =-2, etc.), I am struck by how this double incident illustrates the idea of “sacrifice” for “magic performed.”


This next video, 45 minutes long, brings us up to date with Mark Taylor, who claims to “get pinged by” GOD on occasion, thus setting in motion prophesies that stem back to 2011 when he first predicted that Trump would win the White House. His “pings” about what he calls “God’s Plan” seem to bear fruit, over and over again, as predictions coming true; so I’ve learned to stop and listen to this channel, even though my own version of the divine may differ from his. So what? In any case, he sure seems to be plugged into something larger than usual, just as Q seems to be, when we see, over and over again, enigmatic Q remarks coming true later — called “q proofs” —  the latest being the O’Callaghan choice for Deputy Attorney General.

BTW: Bombard’s Body Language views Mark Taylor as sincere. And I enjoy Greg Hunter’s weekly updates, despite his excited histrionics. This interview definitely worth the listening.

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