Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Dinners, May 2 and 9 — plus Flowers!

Let’s start with flowers. These! A glorious iris, after rain.

And oh wow, here’s the context. Notice the tiny white below left, and the great mass of — what? — that’s now doing what it’s supposed to do, shelter the living room from afternoon sun.

Aha! It’s kiwi, and this year, for the first time since planted three years ago, tiny berries!

Plus, on the corner of DeKist and Overhill, we finally have our very own lilic bush, planted last year, and blooming now.


At the Overhill house, with lots of food, some porch time —

— and a deadly serious game of some kind afterwards. One thing we’ve begun to notice, a whole flock of crones (conscious old women) are beginning to converge for our dinners. YES! See if you can spot them.

And of course, it’s always dinner with dogs.

And check out the extraordinary blueberry cake, made by our dessert mavens, Eva and her daughter Sophia.

The sag paneer was also amazing, homemade by Dan, even the special cheese.

BTW: Sydney, below, at the sink, had been doing dishes for awhile, and continued for another 20 minutes! Dan told me later that he told her, “It’s not because I’m a nice person, but because of Catholic guilt!” Hilarious. Sydney is going to help with the garden this season in exchange for produce. YES!

I wonder what that game was called. Can’t remember, though I know they told me. The girls, Sophia and Siah, had rounded up adults to play.

At first, all smiles.

Then the game turned serious . . .


At the first DeKist house. (We rotate weekly.) We would have held it on the patio but the weather seemed too iffy. So we all crowded inside. Again, lots of crones present, plus, this time, Amelia, a young woman who walked in unannounced and said she had found us on the site (Fellowship of Intentional Communities). She’s the second person who found us there. Camden is the other one, and he will be moving in at the end of July. I ended up giving her “the tour,” which includes lots of backstory on how this place came to be.

Here goes. Photos.

This is fun. Old friends and podmates: Brie on the left, who lived her for two years and was visiting from Valparaiso. Then Dan. Then Maynard, who functioned as Dan and his friends’ surrogate Dad during their teenage years, visiting from Evanston. Then Arie, a local who also lived her for two years, during Brie’s time. YES!



Our new “doc,” Andreas, with dinner.

This evening’s festivities were unusually short. After dinner, first three crones peeled away, to go see neighbor Jelene’s flowers; next the four friends on the couch above peeled away, to continue their revels. Next Andreas and Annie, to return next door. Meanwhile, I was outside with Amelia. Soon Rebecca joined us, wondering, “Where did everybody go?” You never know. You just never know what will happen next.

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