Neptune in Pisces Dissolves Dimensional Boundaries: Marijuana and Beyond

Wow! Whodathunk it!

When Neptune entered Pisces, way back in 2011, I breathed a sigh of relief. Neptune, planet of high high spirituality, entering its own sign! Thus intensifying its effects! For fifteen years, all the way through 2025!

I wrote about this phenomenon, and posted, many times. (Google: “Neptune in Pisces and exopermacuolture.”) You might peruse some of these old posts in order to get more of the full flavor of how I saw us sailing through during this protracted Neptunian era. I really hoped that it would help insulate us from the divisive effects of the also protracted, and extremely divisive, Uranus/Pluto square (2011-16) which though now past, still reverberates.

Like the idealistic, naive Neptunian fool I am (Neptune at the Midheaven of my chart, raining on everything else), I assumed, wrongly, that Neptune’s passage would automatically increase the level of compassion in society. That rather than hate each other, buttressing our conditioned separateness with clanging, divisive mental constructs, we would gradually learn to let the mind go and allow love to flow in.

And what happened? On a political level, refuge flows (flow is a Neptunian word) put pressure on national boundaries, to the point where nations had to begin to fortify those boundaries in order to maintain their own national identities and not dissolve (Neptune) into chaos.

And what happened? Opioid use (Neptune) skyrocketed, with way too many choosing to turn into zombies, as an escape (Neptune) from suffering.

And yet, even so, maybe, just maybe, my original naive prognostications were correct. By the time this period is over, perhaps we will have moved into compassion.

What makes me think so? Because, due to my own personal experience, way back in the late ’60s, I was awakened from my own strong Catholic conditioning through what we still call “drug use”: first marijuana, then LSD (three trips altogether), one peyote trip, and several mescaline trips. All done ceremoniously, not for recreation, but with sacred intent.

That’s all!  That’s all I needed to  detonate the mental brainwashing that had held me tight, constricted, isolated into my own separate ego, unable to feel my own inner self much less feel for others. And as the boundaries within my own mind dissolved, so did compassion for both myself and others flood in. I have never been the same since. My prominent Neptune kicked in,  bigtime.

So, notice what is happening during this phenomenal ongoing Neptunian passage through its own sign Pisces re:  “drug use.”

First a bit of backstory, to wit, during the time when Neptune was in the sign opposite to the one it rules, the sign then in which it feels most uncomfortable, Virgo, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was enacted, criminalizing not only marijuana, but its relative, hemp.

BTW: You might want to check out Reefer Madness, a 1936 propaganda film that one might argue, paved the way for the Marijuana Tax Act the following year.

A bit of background on the extraordinary value of hemp:

Hemp Could Free Us From Oil, Prevent Deforestation, Cure Cancer, and it’s Environmentally Friendly, So Why Is It Illegal?

The above article is from 2014. And guess what? The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp!

So now let’s cut back to marijuana, and how the legality of its medical and recreational uses have been gradually accelerating, state by state, since when? 2012, just after Neptune entered Pisces!

Two U.S. States Become First to Legalize Marijuana

And now, as of May 2019, here’s the score, state by state:

But then, until it’s decriminalized on a federal level, the situation remains totally confusing:

Why State by State Marijuana Legalization Is A Mess

And, I would add, not only a mess, but there is so much money to be made by so many that this single issue puts pressure on states to secede from the United States.

But never fear:

Lawmakers Optimistic about New Federal Marijuana Bill

So, given all the above, can anyone still argue the old shibboleth, that “marijuana is a gateway drug?” Well yes, but a gateway to getting rid of pharmaceutical drugs!

Sure Cannabis is a Gateway Drug — Towards Less Drug Use!

And oh my, changes are coming thick and fast! This just in.

Denver First in U.S. to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

Here’s Scott Adams, replying to someone scared of this enormous, continuing transformational change:

So there we go! Neptune in Pisces on a roll! Maybe my original naive expectations will bear fruit and by 2025 WILL have become the compassionate society of our dreams — having allowed our wise, beautiful plants to help us become more conscious of the Life and the Love that flows through all of creation, including ourselves.

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