But who’s the puppeteer? The “billionaire class” — and that includes Donald Trump?

If so, then I’d say the author may not be parsing details correctly.

And yet, this is a very interesting perspective, connecting dots in ways that go beyond the usual. According to the author, both the lead-up to the war in Iraq and the failed lead-up to a war with Russia (Russiagate, Spygate, etc.) were trumpeted by the same lying MSM media, even though the first implicated Republicans and the second, Democrats. He goes on to assert that the billionaire class runs the world, and that Obama represented one faction of the billionaire class and Donald Trump another. What he does not explain is why Donald Trump would be targeted by both Democrats and RINO Republicans alike in Russiagate, if he actually “represents” the billionaire class of which he is undeniably a part. Remember, a counterargument can be made that Trump cannot be bought, precisely because he is a billionaire already. In any case, a very interesting article that will hopefully be pondered by anyone who still beLIEves in MSM propaganda.

Way back in 2002, during the drum-up to the Iraq War, it was glaringly obvious to me that the WMD line was a LIE. Plain and simple. Why was it not obvious to others? Well, for me, it came as a follow-through from my intuition about 9/11, how Cheney and Rumsfeld used that horrific shock to the collective psyche to both clamp down on Americans via the Patriot Act (pulled off the shelf, ready to go, within weeks of that inside job), and a false flag excuse to enter yet another war, or two — in this case Afghanistan and Iraq. I guess they had to make a case for WMD in Iraq, since unlike Afghanistan, their supposed mastermind, Bin Laden, wasn’t hiding there in a cave.

Come on people, WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!

Thanks to Sue M who pointed me to this article.

Why ‘Russiagate’ is the Same as “WMD in Iraq” to America’s Mainstream Media

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