LET’S FACE IT: “The Business of America Is Business” — of WAR

Here’s an image from 2017 that claims to show all the nations the U.S. has invaded since its founding.

Oh, but wait a minute! The U.S. is the “exceptional” nation. We only invade, go to war, kill people, grab resources, etc., when we need to seed “freedom” and “democracy”! Yeah, sure.

Exceptionally Innocent

This cartoon just happens to feature Obama. The jury is still out as to whether it could also feature Trump. Pompeo and Bolton are neo-cons. Is Trump? Dave, of X22 Reports, doesn’t think so, and I, for one, tend to track his reports on a daily basis. Whatever’s going on in Venezuela, current reports on it are contradictory and confusing. Trump avoided war with North Korea. He appears to be pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter recently got Trump on the phone . . .

Jimmy Carter: US ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World’


David Swanson has just penned a detailed review of American troops and military bases abroad. What would happen if we closed them all down? If we actually pulled back to within our own borders? What would it take to retool the economy to work for us, and for the Earth, rather than for the MIC? It’s high time we shift our use of human ingenuity from destruction to creation. And that means each of us individually, and locally, first. All of us are complicit, insofar as we prefer material security and our status quo to the profound transformation of values this shift requires.

Closing American Bases, Opening A New World

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