J.P.: The Problem with Political Correctness

During the time when I watched JP’s videos, he was usually attempting to be funny, and usually succeeding. I don’t know if serious sincerity is a new development, or part of a slow evolution, since I haven’t watched his videos in a couple of years. However, I just looked at his website. and judging by the titles of others, I have a feeling this straightforward appeal is brand new. And, he’s begging us: please folks, lets come back to our senses! BE KIND!

Or, as my mother used to say, back in the ’50s: “It takes all kinds.”

And as my dear friend Judy used to say, back in the ’70s, and probably still does: “Just remember Ann, everybody’s doing the very best they can.”

Meanwhile, last night I came across a remark by Jordan Peterson sometime around 1 AM in my insomniac ipad wanderings, and it struck me. Something like this: “political correctness,” with its focus on “diversity,” “identity politics,” “virtue signalling,” and meanness between and among clannish tribes of different “identities” (more like brands, I’d say), is the direct result of the group being one’s only identity. In other words, the sovereignty of the self has been replaced, by group solidarity.


When I see all the “group projects” that schools promote from first grade on, as if that’s the socially correct way to learn, I’m not surprised. There’s where it starts, this disavowal of the unique value of the individual, this refusal to recognize that we are each of us, sui generis, with our own way of learning, our own very specific path, and while some paths may be unusual, that does not mean they are crazy.

And speaking of “diversity,” as my new guru, Victor Davis Hanson, said, in another video that I accessed last night, something like this: When I was a kid in the ’50s, immigrants came over, then married, and over time assimilated, creating that “melting pot” that makes America great. But now diversity is encouraged as its own value, the more diversity the better, “because we’re all equal.”  Which, I would add, is both true and ridiculous, because none of us, actually, can even be compared with any other! We are all so specific, so beautiful, so with our own dramas, our own lessons to learn in this life! And as Victor Davis Hanson concluded, if we focus on “celebrating diversity” to the point of refusing to assimilate, then the U.S. burns in a hell of social unrest, crime, violence, and chaos.

And, I would add, once we descend to that level, we’re ripe for the plucking. As in,”Oh please, please, Big Brother Central Authority, take our guns away, force to us to conform to whatever are your dictates! We just want to be safe!”

Oh? Safe from what? From your real self, your true nature, your own soul?

Yes, that’s where indoctrination into what is now finally being admitted, socialism, starts, in the educational system, and ends up there, too, with furious university students, “triggered” by any challenge to their specific, dogmatic, mind-controlled group identity.

Thank you, J.P:.!

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  1. Turtle says:

    “Something like this: “political correctness,” with its focus on “diversity,” “identity politics,” “virtue signaling,” and meanness between and among clannish tribes of different “identities” (more like brands, I’d say), is the direct result of”…
    Here is an article that floating into my inbox, which pretty much sums it up. Why this works. Why people protest and don’t even know why or cannot answer questions. The remaining question for me is if there was a human sacrifice for each of these spells…or many. https://www.myss.com/checklist-popular-spells-people/

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