ASSANGE EXTRADITION? Our Moment of Truth Looms Just Ahead

If Julian Assange is extradited to this country and treated like a common criminal — or worse, then no matter what else Donald Trump (with the Q team) is doing to gain my and others’ trust, this will be a deal breaker.

Alternatively, if Assange is treated as a star witness for the prosecution of all the Deep State actors flushed to the surface via what appears now to be an agonizing two and a half year SpyGate sting, then Trump will gain the trust of millions of new people, both here and abroad.


The stakes could not be higher.

At least that’s how I see this geopolitical drama now. But of course, I don’t know. There’s always a larger perspective, always.

U.S. Extradition Request for Julian Assange to be heard on Thursday


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Deal Breaker Vs Deal Maker


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