GOOD NEWS! Multi-lateral Peace Plan for Afghanistan, Portugal’s amazing decriminalization experiment, Americans want to end polarization, and one nurse’s experience with the dying

So who’s who in the U.S. “enemy” list? What’s REALLY going on. One clue?

Russia, China and U.S. agree on pulling troops out of Afghanistan and to Afghan-led peace process

What happens when you decriminalize marijuana and other drugs? Portugal’s 20-year record of this experiment shows us.

What Portugal Teaches Us About Drug Laws

Then there’s the whole “virtue signaling,” “identity politics,” “politically correct speech,” “safe spaces,” “triggers,” etc. phenomenon spewing from the increasingly authoritarian, intolerant left  that is, frankly, making me puke. Apparently, I’m not alone.

SJWs Will Not Be Happy About This: 81% of Americans Agree That People Are Too Easily Offended These Days

And just to keep everything in perspective, check this out. Great bedtime stories for all of us, from a nurse with 30 years experience sitting with the dying.

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