Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Two Community Dinners, but first: last night’s podmate farewell dinner

After one year, Solan has itchy feet, and will now travel to visit other intentional communities, larger and more rural, for the foreseeable future. An Aquarian, he loves group life, but this tiny place just feels too small for him — at least for now! We wish him well. And here’s our farewell dinner last night — Alex had not yet arrived from I.U. classes, and Andreas is still in Spain — then, after our first outside meal of spring 2019, we sat around our first campfire of spring 2019 way past dark. Felt good. Lots of laughs. And reminded me of a quote from yesterday’s internet surfing. Something like this: “Camp fires are the antidote to technocracy.” Solan heard this, and commented, “Tell me more!” Meanwhile, I’m going to look at his astrology chart again today. He bashed astrology after I read for him the first time a few months ago; thought of it as nonsense, superstitious. Well, did it feel good for him to come back, asking for a reading now that he’s leaving!

From left: Solan, Rebecca, Justin, Dan, Solan’s girl friend Daisy, Gabby. Mine was the empty chair.








After dinner, and before the fire, Daisy took our “family portrait.” Notice that Alex, second from left is now present, as are all three dogs.

Community Dinner, plus Spring Fling! April 11

Eva had insisted that we come out to her spacious place for one of our Community Dinners. So we obliged. Why not! A terrific time, that included not only great food and conversation, but Justin trying to learn a certain dance afterwards, and a number of folks gathering for a painting session, with young Sophia (our fabulous dessert maker, if you remember) in the lead.

Our gracious hostess, Eva!




Community Dinner, April 17: Hardly any dinner, lots of desserts, until  . ; . we were saved!

See what I mean? Here are the paltry entrees.


And here are the fabulous desserts, including creme brulee!

So, we resigned ourselves. This would be a “wine and dessert” meal, mostly.

But then . . . ommigoddess, an enormous pot, a stew of some kind, with, as I recall, clams, pork, what else? Can’t remember. We all finished our desserts and plunged in.

Next Community Dinner tomorrow evening, planned for the second DeKist house, though hopefully we’ll once again enjoy the patio.

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2 Responses to Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Two Community Dinners, but first: last night’s podmate farewell dinner

  1. rose day says:

    The community dinners always remind of a thought in the book CARE OF THE SOUL
    by (present day) Thomas More wherein he extols the sacred in the everyday and describes soul-satisfying coming together as that which includes good food, sincere friendship and meaningful conversation.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      It does seem to be that this weekly practice is centering and grounding us all over time. What’s most interesting to me is that most of the time, the gatherings include at least one person whom we have never seen before. Last night’s occasion was particularly joyous, not sure why. We were inside, due to occasional rain, and threatening skies. So no campfire.

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