Widening Perspectives on Easter Season Attacks

Sorry. I wish I could let this go, and maybe after this post I will be able to. Meanwhile, to get up to speed, see

Then all of a sudden, as Holy Week begins . . .


Sri Lanka Terrorism: Who and WHY?

I simply cannot help but think we’re being played. As usual. Here’s a twitter thread that throws another, larger, light on the situation.


And here’s yet another, equally or even larger perspective, that reminds me of the Gladio post above (on Sri Lanka), and in fact, says that it’s Gladio by another name. This piece triangulates Notre Dame and Sri Lanka with the terrorist attack in Christ Church, New Zealand on March 15. Remember that? So long ago!

Of course, what’s really “true” is not for me to say. But it helps us to see events and situations in the constantly changing lights thrown by the zeitgeist, and meanwhile, to become aware of what we are paying attention to, rather than getting sucked into one version or another of how any “event” is explained.

And meanwhile, even more important: while the deep state continues to rumble with its flailing weapons of mass destruction, deception, and distraction, — aha, just in, a so-called gas leak right across from the White House!let us remain aware of the continuing and ramping up perfidy while simultaneously following our soul’s path, to build a new, regenerative, cooperative culture from the smoldering ashes of the old.

That’s what we’re doing here, with greenacresvillage.org. 


And I know we’re not alone. Such vibrant lily pads are forming in tiny pockets everywhere, both rural and urban. Join one. Create one. Help network them together. Whatever your passions and skill set, they can be utilized and will be very welcome!

If not now, then when?

If not us, then who?

Yes, Time to WAKE UP — and smell the roses.

Okay. Here goes. Yuck.

Satanic Deep State Behind Sri Lanka Easter Bombings, Notre Dame Blaze, NZ False Flag





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