How the Millennial Generation is Changing Therapy

Crone Rebecca hard at work; Millennial Justin also hard at work. Pic taken during last week’s work party, prepping the garden..

I live in a small, multigenerational, permaculture village, consisting of two elders, or “crones,” I prefer to call us (one 76 (me) and one 66 (Rebecca), one protocrone (Gabrielle, 52) and six magnificent millennial men between 20 and 31! The millennials rotate in and out over the years, and at times their majority is female, not male, but in either case, I hugely enjoy this generation, and at some point will look at their astrological signatures. The deepest one, for those born between 1983 and 1995 (so now 24 through 35), is primal, birth/death Pluto in its ruler Scorpio, the most powerful placement for powerful Pluto to have. So though they may often look “flaky” to someone my age, I have a feeling that they will someday recognize how their own unusual, but perhaps deeply buried, powers of endurance have stood the test of time as they successfully navigated through what is proving to be the growing turbulence of life the 21st century.

Those born during those years were also greatly affected on an unconscious level and at a very early age, by the rare Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn at the turn of the 1990s. Exact in 1993, this conjunction brought down the Berlin Wall (brought down = Neptune, wall = Saturn) after 30 years (one Saturn cycle!). This  unexpected (Uranus) historical event reverberated throughout the entire world, having an enormous effect on the geopolitical scene, by destroying the Cold War with the then Soviet Union. I remember that time well. We foolish idealist (Neptune)s thought that bringing down the wall would lead to peace on earth. Instead, we got the Pluto in Scorpio U.S. world military hegemon, determined to dominate the entire world.

We could stretch the millennial window to include other years, all for astrological reasons.

At some point I will reflect further on the millennial generation in this blog. Meanwhile, I found the following post immensely interesting, and it dovetails extremely well with what I have discovered in living with these amazing young people.

How Millennials Are Changing Therapy


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  1. Rich Buckley says:


    Your community gardens provide self-help food supply for the body, grounding for one’s spiritual path, and a life preserver to aid the psychotic to swim back to shore.

    Fishing, Gardening, Exercise, walking barefoot in a safe place outdoors, group contact, all serve to GROUND and instill BALANCE to our body energies, with a calming effect. This has been known and used by the masters teaching the complex art of Kundalini Yoga for centuries. Open minded psychologists, on their own spiritual journey, are beginning to understand and help normalize and identify these energies as psychiatry slowly adapts to mental health needs.

    Bringing balance to runaway energies as we spiritually awaken is more than important, it’s vital.


    Briefly step into the trenches with David McMillin and see how he pulls psychosis back to a safe shore through (among other techniques) gardening.

  2. blog says:

    What’s up, always i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the break of day, since i like to find out more and more.

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