Caitlin Johnstone: The Assange Arrest is NOT 4D Chess

With reference to yesterday’s post regarding possible 4D chess . . . The following comment, sent to my email address,  provoked me. As well it should have. Grateful.

This comment comes from Sue M, who was a friend of my deceased sister Mary, in Seattle. I’ve always taken Sue’s views with a grain of salt, since I find her attitude unreservedly cynical and critical, and prefer to remain open-minded, unknowing, though of course having tendencies and preferences — in my case, aligned with my openness to an organically evolving, flowering future rather than continuing to feel trapped in a dead-end mechanism that has imprisoned humanity for centuries. Even so, this particular comment from Sue did catch my attention. So thank you!

Please consider this point of view (below) on QAnon.

IMO Caitlin nails the problem with Trump followers belief

that T will take care of everything because QAnon said so.

It makes me wonder if Catholicism (having “faith” in”father” and Jesus)

still affects you more than you will admit.   IMO it isn’t

working out very well for Catholic church followers and

it won’t work out well for QAnon worshipers–or the rest of us–either.

Sue M.

Before I get to the post she recommends me reading, let me say here that I let go of the judgmental “god” of Catholicism back in my 20s, and that this led to an ideological standoff with my archetypally patriarchal father for 30 years. However, he and I did finally manage to dissolve our struggle. How? We made an agreement to move from our minds into our hearts. That herculean task took a number of more years. But: we were both successful — something for which I am profoundly grateful.

Now, as to whether or not I have projected onto Trump, or any authority figure, that same early childhood need for a strong father figure, I don’t really think so, as, to me, the primary question is, as Caitlin points out in her extremely provocative post, Is Donald Trump a good man? She doesn’t think so. Nor does Sue M, apparently. I do. At least 51%! (See below.) Plus, I am very aware that the deep state prison we all find ourselves in requires an immense struggle, with many players, and many years, to transform.

Meanwhile, I find it extremely valuable to see each and every human being as first of all, a suffering soul, partially blind, learning how to see via the lessons life offers. Some of those lessons require many years, even decades, to even recognize, much less learn. Which is why wisdom tends to be a feature of those who grow old while consciously processing their experiences over time.

Even so, a tiny percentage of souls seem to be dedicated only, as the Law of One would put it, to “service-to-self;” a vastly greater number are at least 51% “service to others.” And I would cerrtainly land Donald J. Trump, as well as most people I both know and don’t know, in that latter category.

So, here’s the post Sue M was referring to, from Caitlin Johnstone, who is a powerful writer. Very much admire that aspect of her production, though I find her intensely superior, dogmatic attitude distasteful.

Trump Supporters Are Hurting Assange with their 4D Chess Talk

BTW: Johnstone says we all need to get out in the streets to protest Assange’s extradition. I’d say that at least I, for one, while attempting to remain clear-eyed and balanced regarding all sorts of injustices, need to continue to focus my own creative efforts on providing one template that can help transform this ravaged, poisoned planet into a world of abundance for all.




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4 Responses to Caitlin Johnstone: The Assange Arrest is NOT 4D Chess

  1. Turtle says:

    Balderdash!! For those who care to research, there was a gift that Assange gave to Trump for Christmas. And for those who don’t get the legal system, having Assange means getting his testimony. Just like Flynn. How do you introduce what else someone knows into the legal system? Testimony. What else does Assange know is the key.

    As to the Anons, what this person obviously still believes is that we are all SEPARATE units. We are not. If enough believe a thing is so, makes it so. Welcome to the magic of humanity. It is not blind faith in a subject or thing, but a unified understanding and desire for a thing which makes it come to pass. Feelings. Feelings. Desire. It works for elections, for the eruption of the truth, for the healing and for the freedom we will experience because that is what the collective wants. Not to mention Gaia! That is the real magic that humanity holds and it is far stronger than the black sun Saturn magic used by the Luciferians. The rest is just ‘show’.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Magnificent! Yes, whatever we desire, if intense enough, both inspires others and collectively, we bring it into manifestation.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, the accusation that you have transferred father-figure issues onto the ‘Q’ paradigm reveals a universal bias in the unspoken assumption that ‘Q’ is male.

    The ‘Q’ thought that ‘where we go one, we go all’ is encompassing and open to personal interpretation and the possibility that ‘Q’ is either male or female corrals many more than just those with personal axes to grind.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      My own feeling is that Q is a group of people. I think Sue was referring to Trump more than to Q. I did appreciate having to look at my own old paradigm again. Cuz dear ol’ Dad was very much the patriarch, and still has all the rest of my sibs in his spell, even though he’s been dead for a few years now.

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