Is Assange a key piece in Trump’s 4D chess game?

Was wikileaks set up as a CIA front by a faction of that agency that split off from the deep state and is battling the rest of the CIA? And is Assange a CIA operative (of that faction)? All this and more, if you read Sorcha Faal’s post on her site,, plus some past posts she refers to there. I was told years ago that this site is disinfo, and most of it may be, certainly it contains a lot of fear-mongering; but this particular post, and the posts it points to as background, is really interesting. Who knows? One thing’s for sure. Whatever’s going on with Assange, we know he’s being used as a political and geopolitical pawn, batted about by forces both seen and unseen.

BTW: I’m sure that Trump knows that if he treats Assange badly, he would be hard put to keep his base in the 2020 election. Assange inspires nearly the same kind of love and hate as Trump! Check out the NYT, whose readers, yep, hate Assange who, after all, they assume, is responsible for Hillary Clinton’s failure to win in 2016.

Assange Lynch Mob Commenters in the New York Times

Notice that the MSM deep state propagandists all see Trump’s announcement that he has nothing to do with wikileaks, that he’s not interested in wikileaks, that it’s not his thing, as hypocritical, given, they say, smugly, that he extolled the virtues of wikileaks what was it, 141 times? during his presidential campaign? Yep. Do a search for “Trump has nothing to do with wikileaks;” pick and choose which article you want to read. They all say the same thing. Must have been one of the required 4AM drops.

Do they still not grok Trump’s sly trolling? As Q says, repeatedly, “These people are stupid.”

Which is another reason why I do tend to come down on the side of this spectacularly timed arrest being one of Trump’s, and military intelligence’s 4D chess moves, designed, as usual, with the long-term goal of draining the swamp. Also, remember, Q posts seem to indicate the same, that Assange is a mil intel asset — “We’ve got the source”  —  to be brought out when the timing is right. NOW, apparently.

Though I saw the post last night, and decided I would post it, despite my misgivings about the site itself,  I was happy to see a confirmation this morning from a fb friend, Clare, who messaged me:

I respect their info since they’re a front for Naval Intelligence and even the SSP finds naval intell sharper than most. My own first question was izzit really Assange and since I got a yes, this info informs how and why, plus one key therein: Brit extradition policy requires that no further charges be added, hoohaw. My 2nd codicil after it’s him was: you can’t pardon anybody until they’ve been adjudicated. Not to say there aren’t other unexpected ploys unbeknownst. love what you do plus best Clare

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