Heads’s Up! I leave this evening for yet another UFO Conference

To be gone ten days, until April 2. Will meet my UFO buddy, Joan Bird, at the UFO Mega Con event in Laughlin, Nevada.


I just pulled out a teeshirt from another UFO conference at the same Aquarius Hotel, same “poor man’s Las Vegas” site (two hours from Las Vegas), and see that it was ten years ago! Whew!


While the International UFO Congress moved to a fancier Scottsdale venue a number of years ago, this MegaCon event will launch for the first time, hosted by the very same Bob Brown who, until it left Laughlin, hosted the UFO Congress since its beginning.

I’m taking this computer, and will probably be moved to post, at least every couple of days. Who knows. Perhaps every day, one post? But I don’t want to let any promises tie me down.

I really enjoy these conferences that draw together open-minded folks from a wide variety of American and international sub-cultures — from retired generals to cowboys to airline pilots, psychics, experiencers, scientists, hippies, etc. Great fun, and especially because I hang out the whole time with Joan. She and I started going to these events mostly for sociological reasons — who are the people who attend these kinds of conferences? — and ended up having our minds regularly blown. She has been more fully dedicated to sharing the ET reality than I, and her book on Montana UFOs put her on the map; so when I go there, I feel like her side-kick!

Great fun.

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  1. Sarah Millikan says:

    Awesome! Wish I was going to get to be around
    Like Minded Energies’

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