Qanon ramps up

Last night’s massive drop, 28 new ones, mostly photos, within little more than an hour, focused specifically on alleged pedophilia, with a nod towards satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice (photo of naked baby, dead or alive?), all circulating around Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island and the woman supposedly used to lure young ones in, Rachel Chandler (child+handler, who Q says, is “100x” Alison Mack of the NXIVM racket), who ran a “modeling agency” as cover for a catalog of available children. Q asks, where are they now? Someone on twitter asks further, are any of them still alive?


If you haven’t been following Qanon, you might begin now to get up to speed. I use to access. This latest drop most likely indicates what’s coming down the pike. BTW: two people in New York, presumably well known, are currently fighting not to have  court docs unsealed in the renewed Jeffrey Epstein case, arguing “privacy” and “public embarrassment” concerns. What stunned me most about this story was the fact that it was aired on left-wing politico.

Is this issue what will ultimately bring the polarized American people together? After all, it’s not just Democrats, it’s Republicans too, who have been blackmailed by hidden cameras in places where they were performing sex acts with children. Blackmail turned them into  puppets, doing the bidding of the deep state.

Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit

Independent journalist Liz Crokin, who has dedicated her life to investigating both pedophilia and its deeper layer, satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, has a new video out concerning the college admissions scam. As an entertainment journalist for many years, she had never heard of anything untoward about either of the Hollywood women who have been publicly charged in this case, and wonders if this scam has been outed now to help prepare the public for coming arrests of famous people in the much worse pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice rings. After all, if these two seemingly good, innocent women have been corrupted in this manner, then what else is possible?

Closer to home, a good friend of mine tells me of her brother, in Chicago, on jury duty as an alternate for a trial that turned out to involve a pedophile ring. He had to sit there all day, every day, and listen as horror after horror was exposed. Told his sister the experience threw him into a terrible state for six months.

Easier to red-pill yourself slowly than be forced to suddenly, like he was. What about the majority of Americans, still innocent, who simply cannot believe that the unimaginable awfulness is indeed taking place — what will it take to red-pill them? And what will happen then to the “body politic”?

More and more, I think Liz is correct, that the college admissions scam, complete with famous women publicly arrested, was a warm-up for what is to come.

And the point, of course, is to reveal the virulent infection that runs underneath “normal life” gradually enough to avoid civil war.

Remember, President Trump is dedicated to putting a stop to this hellish underground business that infects every segment of society, world-wide. This is one big reason why he is so determined to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

President Donald J. Trump fighting to prevent human trafficking at the southern border





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