This year’s unusual Spring Equinox, March 20, ushers in Aries/Libra Full Moon.

When? Only three and a half hours later.

The Spring Equinox always occurs at 0°00 Aries, otherwise known as “the Aries point” in astrology, a degree of enormous significance, as it ignites the new zodiacal year, when seeds burst open, on their way to setting down roots (Taurus), and then emerging from the ground as identifiable individual beings, communicating with each other (Gemini).


Here, in Green Acres Permaculture Village, since late January we have been starting seeds in the greenhouse, rather than waiting for the spring equinox. But one thing’s for sure. The baby plants love the increasing daylight hours!

At this week’s Thursday Community Dinner, to be held here in the Overhill house, we will celebrate the Spring Equinox one day late. Noting that at the equinox, day and night, dark and light, are (for one split second!) of equal length, we will each look inside ourselves, to find some aspect of our own normally unconscious minds that we have been working with, way down deep, over the dark winter months, an aspect that now, during the coming six months when the light exceeds the dark, we will intend to, not just face and embrace, but to erase! — which means, actually, to integrate, i.e., to recognize, honor, and learn to creatively utilize a formerly denied, despised, and/or projected part of our complicated selves.

We will then bury our pieces of paper in the gardens, in hopes that our intentions for the next six months will flourish. Afterwards, those who wish, can speak for a few moments about the darkness they found within themselves over the winter that they intend now to transform in the light.

This particular Equinox is unusually significant, in that it occurs with Chiron the wounded healer, at 1° Aries, almost exactly conjunct the Sun, and only hours prior to the Full Moon in Aries/Libra, while the Sun is still at 0° Aries, to wit:


Aries/Libra is the axis of self and other. And yes, the relations between human beings during this loud, mean, nasty, polarized, “politically correct” era are truly wounded, needing to be healed. The inner work with our own darkness yields healing of our relations with the Other as we take those (usually unconscious) projections upon the Other of denied, despised aspects of ourselves back into the Self. Result? the Other can finally stand across from us safely, revealed as beautiful and uniquely themselves, free of our blame and judgment.

Imagine if all of humanity in the entire world did that, each of us taking back unconscious projections! Whee!

This Equinox/Full Moon is also notable in the following ways:

There are a number of planets all at 23° of their signs, including Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Mars rules Aries, Venus rules Libra, and Jupiter, now in Sagittarius, its ruling sign, lends perspective and context to  whatever planets it aspects. The particular configuration among these planets all at 23° constitutes what I have named as a “Triangle of Continuous Growth,” since it includes three different aspects — one easy (60° sextile Jupiter to Venus), one hard (90° square Mars to Venus) and one mixed (150° inconjunct  Jupiter to Mars). The square fuels the issue between (Libra) one individual (Aries) and another (Aries), the sextile eases the issue, and the inconjunct requires continuous adjustment on the part of both parties.

Note that Mars, at 23° Taurus, invites us to move down into our bodies, and our bodies to root into the Earth.

Note also, that Pluto, at 22° Capricorn, sits also within near-exact orb of aspecting all these 23° planets, complicating their triangular configuration. Think of Pluto, which moves exceedingly slowly, as a long, slow, deep background frequency that plumbs the depths, detonating all sorts of old stuck patterns, especially given the now closing conjunction with structural Saturn in its own ruling sign at 19° Capricorn.

Thus all sorts of interplay is afoot and expanding (Jupiter) on the surface, in terms of human relations, both animosity (Mars) and desire for harmony (Venus), and all reflecting deep-seated structural (Capricornian) issues of many kinds that have been in place for decades, if not centuries. (Pluto’s cycle is 248 years long).

That Saturn and Pluto approach their rare conjunction (c.a. every 35 years) during 2019 (exact in January 2020), and that they do so just prior to the first ever return of Pluto to its own natal place at 27° for the U.S.A. (2020-24), may help us recognize that the deep-seated rumblings we are all sensing are mirrored in the astrology of these times. The U.S. is due for a comeuppence, an enormous and deep-seated reordering of its priorities, as it begins to let go of the hegemonic sense of its own Plutonian power over the rest of the world in the interest of truly allowing itself to become empowered by its own innate vision, it’s own industry, its own nature.

Rather than dominance, sovereignty. At every level. In the relations of human beings to one another (Aries/Libra), in the fraught relations we have as a People with the detonating structure of this nation state (Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn), and in the relations between this nation state and other nation states. All sovereign. All equal. At every level, with the power of primal aliveness residing at the bottom, inside each of our individual hearts and souls, rather than at the fake, abstract top of any supposed corporate global hierarchy.

Yes, let us invoke this Equinox/Full Moon in Aries/Libra to help us learn how to TAKE BACK OUR PROJECTIONS, in the interest of real, and equal, co-operation (Aries/Libra) on every level. AMEN!


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