Germaine Greer, for whom, at 62, Mother Earth was Healer and Teacher

I found myself so entranced with Germaine Greer as a role model for my own “second generation” feminist consciousness that I decided to briefly check out her astrological chart.

Not surprised to see that her Pluto, at 1° Leo, sits on the Descendant, exactly opposite her 1° Aquarian Ascendant and midpoint between Aquarian Sun and Capricorn Mercury, itself in an exact trine with mystical Neptune. Now 80 years old, she still takes on all comers linguistically, no matter how powerful, with logic, verve and alacrity. Passionate Mars at 29° Scorpio trine Pluto and sextile that Ascendant/Mercury/Sun combo adds deep reserves of energy to pull out at a moment’s notice and apply to the subject at hand, expressed over the decades in her speeches, interviews, and written works. She is interested in investigating and debating the conundrums and complexities of the entire social order (Sun in Aquarius), and meanwhile can take on any Plutonian foe with stunning, one-line zingers, endless wit, and immense personal presence!

That Ascendant/Descendant/Mercury/Sun/Pluto/Neptune with Mars combination  was the first thing I noticed. Then, a close second, her Moon/South Node/Uranus conjunction, rooting into the bottom of her chart, in steady stubborn Taurus! Aha, so this is where her shock-value comes in! For it’s true, many of her out-of-the-box remarks are flung with such strong Uranian audacity, that they cannot help but stun people out of long-held attitudes.

Though a long-term gardener, she has been known mostly as a public intellectual, especially in England, Europe, and her native Australia, ever since her 1970 book The Female Eunuch.

Unlike many intellectuals, who are only barely in their bodies, much less connected to planet Earth, her Moon/South Node/Uranus in Taurus showed up in spades when she decided to find some part of the Australian landscape that she could “fix.” And, as she said in the following video, she was under no illusion that she could change the world by doing so. Rather her strong desire arose out of personal necessity, to heal her despairing heart.

I find it significant that she began this project shortly after her second Saturn return, at 62. In other words, she decided, then and there, that she would commence her third cycle of Saturn by relinking, in a powerful way, her own Taurus body’s full sensual remembrance of an entire ecosystem within Taurus Earth.

Though I doubt she looked at her situation astrologically then, I do look at it that way now, and view Germaine Greer as a vibrant inspiration for what we still-flourishing crones and elders need to be pioneering, in one way or another, not only in defense of, but in full restoration of, our dear Mother Gaia.

Now, when Uranus has moved into Taurus once again, for the next seven years, and heading towards her first ever Uranus Return (at 84), this steadfast, faithful, and determined “contrarian” woman demonstrates the direction of fully human beings, when we agree to remember our original communion with the Mother and let Her show us the way. For She will, and She can. And She did; the animals and birds and insects and native plants and trees came back to the rainforest. Indeed, she says, they had never left. They were waiting for someone like her to arrive and agree to participate in restoring our home planet’s full, interwoven beauty and abundance.

This video made me cry, and brought me right back here, to Green Acres Permaculture Village where we continuously invite a deeper communion with both each other and the Earth under our feet inside a typical American suburb.

I have ordered her book White Beech: The Rainforest Years.
There are lots of other videos of her interviews and speeches through the decades on youtube. Such a treasure! Gratitude.

How about it? For the next seven years, as eruptive Uranus moves through Taurus, we cooperate with the Earth Mother in reconfiguring this dear planet back to the original blessing that she bestows upon all her creatures, including ourselves.

Are we up for it? Do we dare?

Pick a place. Dig in. One step at a time, one step after another, let Her show us the way.

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