The BIO-LOGICAL FACT of two sexes: One formerly transgender man’s story; Germaine Greer’s perspective

I admit: I’m becoming obsessed with the issue of  “transgenderism,” and/or “non-binary gender fluidity,” the way it has infected our culture, and see the so-called politically correct attitude that we must ignore any misgivings and instead, express sympathy for the “feelings” of the person who (likely due to unhealed childhood trauma) has decided to (pretend to) change his or her biological sex, as one primary driver of a seemingly deliberate goal to throw elemental human experience into utter confusion and chaos.

I guess I’m up-to-date. From two days ago:

I was America’s first non-binary person. It was all a sham.

Then, yesterday:

I decided to widen my perspective on the subject. Noticed that one venerable second-wave feminist, an famous/infamous crone just slightly older than myself, author of The Female Eunuch back in 1970, spoke on this topic in 2015:

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Oh my! I had no idea I had so much in common with Germaine Greer. Maybe if I had read that famous book I would know. Absolutely love her — powerfully radical and yet nuanced, and decidedly sympathetic to everyone — way of viewing the world.

So I decided to widen the context even further, and pay deeper attention to her overall perspective. Glad I did!

My favorite Greer quote: “Freud is the father of psychoanalysis. It has no mother.”

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13 Responses to The BIO-LOGICAL FACT of two sexes: One formerly transgender man’s story; Germaine Greer’s perspective

  1. It seems to me, that anyone considering any sort of sex modification through any sort of therapy would be wise to first allow themselves to experience QHHT somnambulistic trance and then listen several times to the session recording. The experience is often profoundly transformative to the Subject in beneficial ways.

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) hypnotizes the Subject into deep somnambulistic trance where the subconscious (higher-self) voice emerges; ego-self is temporarily set aside, and one’s personal truth speaks. The sessions are recorded which are later reviewed by the Subject.

    During the process leading to the emergence of the voice of the higher-self, several past lives are visited. The QHHT practitioner grows used to hearing every form of biological sexual expression discussed by the Subject when the subconscious determines that is what is important for the Subject to experience.

    The hypnosis process goes far deeper than an intellectual discussion of C.G. Jung’s archetype of anima and animus. I would estimate they are on par with transformative dreams. Indeed by emerging the subject into the realities associated with living the experiences, seeing through their own eyes, their perceptions of “normal” are so broadened, as to eventually lead to a sense of living authentically with gratitude. In other words they find self forgiveness. The deep trance process can be a way of integrating your shadow side, whatever that may be, i.e., facing and accepting your full self.

  2. Anthony says:

    I read something about good-ol’ Sigmund Freud that was rather – well, interesting… in an extreme piss-off sort of way.

    That whole Oedipus complex thing, where boys and girls supposedly sexually desire their opposite-sex parents and they feel rivalry towards their same-sex parent? Yeah, that “theory”…turns out, Freud had several friends in VERY high places who were probably pedophiles, including some whos children became his subjects.

    Can you think of a better way to “get around” the pedophile problem than inventing an entire theory and course of “treatment” meant to belittle and punish the children, mentally breaking them, while letting their parents get off scot-free? I can’t.

    And he was paid very well for destroying the psyches of entire generations of children, and making sure *they* took the blame for “making up” stories of TRUE sexual abuse. Because it never happened; it’s part of the inborn psyches of all children.


    The more I learn about this big blue marble, the more I want OFF.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Why don’t you move here, to live in the GAPV or nearby?

      • Anthony says:

        To be honest I’ve seriously considered getting the hell out of California, and as of March 1 I can officially retire any time. Thing is, I can’t start drawing on the pension until I’m 62; and the way things look financially these days, I wonder if I’ll ever see a single cent of it.

        I have wondered if there are properties for sale around your community, and not just for myself but my friends who live north of you as well – but I can’t move until after the oncoming chaos is over with. Earliest would be later this year. I have some things I could sell to get me by for a while, if needed, but I’d need a job all set before I move. It’s definitely on my back burner, though.

        Hmmm…Laura did my chart for me, and told me that I had some pretty major transits coming up in June, involving “home”…wow do we live in interesting times!!

        • I do hope you find a much better situation with more like minded and hearted people around. Get those ducks in a row … because some kind of change is a’comin’.

          On a different Freudian note, the book Time Loops goes into his very obvious precognitive experiences and how he invented the Oedipus Complex sexual angle in order to avoid the implications of the Fate and time loop aspects of that play. Fascinating how repressed he was about the idea of non-linear time! The pedo stuff would not surprise me, but there are compelling arguments that the sexual angle was much less taboo than the time angle.

          • Anthony says:

            Interesting angle on “Time Loops” – have you ever read Lisa Renee’s stuff (“Energetic Synthesis”)? She has written often of energetic “reversal networks” where negative, karmic energy is turned against the victims of sexual predation. Such victims not only suffer their predator’s barbarous acts but they are also forced to suffer their predator’s karma. Simply look at what happened to the children who went to jail for the Franklin scandal and you know what I’m talking about.

            Such things can happen on linear timelines; but if time is NOT linear, it will eventually catch up to them. No wonder Freud tried to disown it!

            And as for moving: well, it would take a monumental act of providence as I am currently situated – but hey, if there is a massive earthquake, flood, fire, war, pestilence etc., I could be made to leave in short order!! So don’t build that wall just yet gals, there might yet be some immigrants showing up on your doorstep!!

            (Um, knock on wood, just in case…)

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            This is a general comment to you, Tony. I feel it’s crucial that we balance our expanding knowledge of the dark stuff at work on this planet with creative, personal expression that regenerates life from below the matrix. Which is what this GAPV experiment is about, for example. Without that balance, we are lost.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          We will welcome you and your friends with welcome arms. There are a number of places for rent in Green Acres, if you want to settle there temporarily, until you find what you really want, or until you move in with us. I’d take a chance and come without all your ducks in a row, myself. You could always get something part time, to get by for awhile; there are plenty of jobs in nearby restaurants and grocery stores. You could walk to work.

          • Yes, with a soft place to land at Green Acres, those ducks don’t need to be in a row. What I meant is: change is going to come whether embraced or resisted. It’s like the Tower card vs. the Chariot card in the Tarot. They both bring change and forward movement, but one feels much more flowy and comfortable than the other. Since ducks in a row seem important to him, best not to delay. Change is coming.

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            On the other hand, most places for rent in town are not until August. Remember, it’s a college town. And this is the closest neighborhood to I.U. We in the GAPV don’t have any openings at present, but you never know. You could come visit, say in April, and choose which of the Green Acres rentals you want for a year’s lease then. In this neighborhood of 440 homes there are about 80 for rent signs right now. All or most opening in August, but will be snapped up before then by aspiring parents or students themselves.

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