Reflections: On “the soul,” and “transgender,” and back again

I can remember back in graduate school, my concern (verging on terror) whenever I thought about “artificial intelligence,” and its relationship to the human mind. I knew instinctively, back then, 40 years ago, that transhumanism (we didn’t have a name for it then) would be the inevitable direction of the technological future.

Would machines ever become conscious? Would they someday be aware, the way we humans are aware, aware of our own thinking process? To me, this has always been the essence of being human, this awareness, an indication of the soul infusing the body.

So, when I saw the “animatronic” monster at the Denver Airport, here it is again —

— and it seemed to be conscious, so quick and human-like were its interactions with passers-by, I truly freaked out, wondered if maybe it was true, that machines had now become aware, and so forget about the soul!

This morning I walked with my son Colin, and we talked about that animatronic monster, which I had directed him to yesterday. “Oh,” he laughed, “I knew in six seconds that they had a camera and microphone there, which fed to a back room where some human was interacting.” How did Colin know? “Because all other robots, at least so far, are no where near the level of instant responsiveness shown by this so-called ‘anomatronic’ gargoyle.”

Aha! What a relief! So that’s that! (At least so far!)

And then of course, yesterday I was slammed with the recognition that once again, Chelsea Manning has shown the world what it means to “have a soul.” 

While I admire Chelsea’s forthright desire to change into a woman from her original male body, and while I have several dear transgendered friends with whom I feel entirely sympathetic, even so, the entire phenomenon of transgenderism feels so wrong, and so off that it has me screaming internally, Wake up! Wake Up!

I spent a few hours early this morning watching videos (actually, listening to videos) about the gender bending business. Upset with my own tendency towards seeing in binary terms, I wondered if I could actually get my head around seeing sexuality and gender in a “fluid” manner. Answer, no, I can’t. In fact, when I came across a quote from a feminist scholar (Judith Butler, I think it was) who says the biological male and female binary is a dictatorship of nature, I got completely disgusted.

Here’s a fascinating lecture on especially how the academic world  has propagandaized millennials to beLIEve in “gender fluidity.” Just watch the first few minutes of this video (starting at 0:40) to realize how schools have brainwashed our kids. An interviewer speaks with four or five students at Seattle University, in turn, asking them the same questions, and getting the same kinds of answers from each one.

Actually, watch the whole thing. Endlessly instructive overview of how both psychiatrists (by reclassifying “gender disorder” into “gender dysphoria”) and scholars have used all sorts of new linguistic distinctions to jerk human beings out of our moorings within biologically male or female bodies.

Then watch at least the first few minutes of this next video, to understand the level of abuse that gender fluidity programs instill, creating confusion and chaos inside the minds and hearts of even small children.

Now check this out.

What’s Really Behind America’s Transgender Mania



Is transgenderism part and parcel of the UN’s “development goals?” Check this out, from

2030 Agenda Seen as Key to Global Transgender Rights


Finally, watch this, philosopher Camille Paglia, who puts the transgender movement in an historical context.

P.S. I see where Trump wants to change the legal definition of gender back to only two, the original two, male and female.

P.P.S: I wonder what each person’s soul would say about the supposed “need” to change the body either chemically or surgically in order to obey the dictates of “feelings” likely instilled by childhood trauma and/or massive cultural programming.




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4 Responses to Reflections: On “the soul,” and “transgender,” and back again

  1. I share your concern with AI.

    Two cases from Dolores Cannon in her books on regression hypnosis talk about containment of consciousness.

    The subjects recalled during deep somnambulistic trance, having their consciousness removed, placed in a glass jar, and held there during an operation on their body. They recall watching the aliens cut them open without anesthesia, make repairs on their body, seal them up, and placing their consciousness back into their bodies all without pain, during or after surgery.

    But the deeper question becomes is consciousness and soul (higher self) two different things? Deeper still is the question, is soul and spirit (intelligent logos) two different things. Soul and Spirit (Holy Spirit- aka Intelligent Logos) seem to know each other – always.

    Yet, I sense they are each different things, operating with unique frequencies. The disturbing question becomes, can any one of these frequencies be taken over by AI?

    There appears to be some sort of advanced technology (the glass jar holding tank) that can contain consciousness, somehow. We know for certain, the range of frequencies in which 5G communication systems function, can cause depression and suicidal thoughts. That’s what’s causing all the hullabaloo resistance. Cliff High on the other hand, says we needn’t fear 5G because of it’s short range.

    Weaponized 5G? You won’t get far into researching my questions concerning consciousness-soul-spirit without running into the Peoples Friendship University of Russia and the late Dr Smirnov, the father of “psychotronic weapons.”

    While I don’t believe anything except the highest spiritual energies can touch your higher-self, Consciousness on the other hand does appear to be completely manipulable. First by driving one’s “feelings” and also by manipulating “conscious perceived reality.” Thus a person can be manipulated and driven by either weaponized psychotronics or beneficial false reality created by quantum holographic presentations indistinguishable from reality. For example we can also be made to see an owl with beautiful large eyes instead of a scary looking alien, by altering our consciousness holographically. Abduction scenarios made to appear friendly when the abductors are sufficiently advanced to manipulate you into a holographic controlled setting where you are then captured. It is quite common in missing time retrieval sessions to discover ones consciousness has been tweaked but not one’s subconsciousness… which remembers everything… hence the usefulness of somnambulistic trance hypnosis to get to the truth.

    So there are all different spectrum of AI. Some good uses, some bad uses. The best defense is maintaining spiritual balance by age old meditation techniques (centering prayer), right eating (less meat, less booze, no smoking), adequate sleep. But you already knew that, without reading all this. And it doesn’t hurt to call upon your protective angels and guides….frequently.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks Rich, for this! Yes, to all you cover here. BTW: Colin says Clif High says not to worry about AI either, because it can never get beyond what was originally programmed into it. So there’s that . . . Who knows? I sure don’t. And am going to do my centering exercises, RIGHT NOW!

  2. Clif High is probably aware of a graduate student experiment successfully completed about a decade ago. The student used biologic living material in a Petri dish to serve as a “yes-no switch” to replace the standard 8-bit binaural switch in a silicon chip. It worked. And that was the last we heard from her….meaning her graduate work probably was taken dark by DARPA funding of some sort.

    Organic brains grown in a Petri dish, might eventually memic consciousness with an instinct for self preservation, because it rides on a life cycle of DNA which automatically knows how to build its own maintenance and replacement equipment. Combine that with stem cell research, and in a few thousand iterations, the stuff in the Petri dish starts talking.

    The DNA has already been created and is a pre-existant element in the bio-computer chip. Soulless androids, that reason do seem possible.

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