While I’m wallowing in existential angst, Chelsea Manning is stepping up to the plate — again.

How paltry my concerns, given the extraordinary courage this single illuminated being continues to express.

Here’s a post I published on Manning way back in 2012.

The astrological chart of Bradley Manning: personal destiny, collective purpose

Now, well, wouldn’t you know: During this very week when transit Jupiter (for the first time in 12 years) moved onto 22° Sagittarius, Jupiter thereby now conjuncts Manning’s natal Mercury at 22° Sagittarius. This conjunction in turn sets off what might become a chain reaction of events, as Jupiter begins to cross over, after Mercury, first disciplined, structured, walled-off Saturn, then the Sun itself, this being’s startling integrity illuminating all, and finally unpredictable, volatile, eccentric Uranus. All four planets, Mercury/Saturn/Sun/Uranus, within four degrees of one another (22° to 26°) on the day he was born. And all of them crossed now, as they are once every 12 years, by the transit of lucky, generous, philanthropic, far-seeing, philosophic Jupiter.

And guess what? This Sagittarian stellium, for him, at 22°-26° Sagittarius, happens to conjunct the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius. In other words, Full solar illumination in Manning’s life could have galactic implications.

Manning’s gift is, ultimately, to fracture (Uranus 36°), through his example (Sun 25°), the world as we know it (Saturn 24°). And to say why (Mercury 22°). Manning is an agent of the zeitgeist, inviting the people of the world to, as Q puts it, “expand your thinking.” Exactly. Nothing less.

The timing of the Jupiterian passage over Manning’s Sagittarius stellium is as follows:

March through May 22°-24°— 22°, forwards, then backwards, retrograde, turning RX on April 10, 2019. Look for some kind of important decision or shift on or around April 10.

During these two months, Jupiter moves over Mercury (which just a few days ago turned to go Rx for three weeks), then Saturn, approaching Sun and Uranus, before backing off.

Whatever happens this first time is the setup for what will happen the second time, when the meaning of this Jupiterian passage will move from theory to reality.

The second passing and finale for this 12-year Jupiterian transit of his extraordinary Sagittarian stellium will be October-November, 2019.

So, expect publicity of one kind of another for the next two months. And then expect a larger, reverberating, public display of some kind, one that changes the nature of the game, October and November.

Here’s a small slice of the chart for yesterday, showing Jupiter’s 22° position.

We don’t know the Ascendant of yesterday’s chart, just as we don’t know the Ascendant of Manning’s natal chart. What we focus on here is the transit of Jupiter over four planets, those in that extraordinary stellium in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center, that she shares in part with those of her generation, born during that rare year, 1987, when Saturn was conjunct Uranus and old mental structures (ideologies, theologies, fundamentalisms, certainties) began to break down.

Then, in only two years, 1989, a sudden thaw began to crack open the icy Cold War.

Two more years, and the wall itself became history. By 1991, Saturn and Uranus moved from theoretical Sagittarius to real world Capricorn, while still conjunct each other. More fracturing, but this time in the material realm of Saturn/Capricorn form and structure.

So yes. Oh how well do I and millions of others remember that halcyon day in November 1991, when the Berlin Wall fell, to glorious rejoicing from both sides, after having been up for 30 years (one Saturn cycle)!

The fallout, of course, for Manning’s rare generational conjunction between Saturn and Uranus (about once every 35 years), is not over. Indeed, we are looking at more fallout NOW, over 30 years later, as pure being Bradley Manning, born during that previous storied time, grew up and slipped into the flow of current history. As she was meant to. At a certain moment. For good.

For that IS what she has done. It’s the nature of her life to do what she does. Even go to prison if necessary, unflinching, for continuing to express her integrity.

The Sagittarian planets don’t account for the unflinching character of her philosophical decisions. That character can be ascribed to the Pluto/Moon/Mars conjunction, in deep, underworld Scorpio, whose archetype, the god Pluto, goes to hell, and lives to tell about it.

At least this Plutonian figure does. Unflinching, in both words and deeds.

For example, theguardian,  way back in October 2018, quoting Chelsea as saying life in the U.S. is like being in prison.

Imagine, what we would not now know about the dark lurking shadow of U.S. militarism had Chelsea not leaked the damning videos and other docs to wikileaks precisely when she did?

Let us all learn to live as if we are learning to fully express our own integrity, every single minute of the day and night, no matter what. Let us live valiantly, and fearlessly, following the shining example of this one stalwart soul who continues to light up our world.


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2 Responses to While I’m wallowing in existential angst, Chelsea Manning is stepping up to the plate — again.

  1. Kama Anderson says:

    Thank you again, Ann. I knew little of Chelsea, but grateful to know now. I just assumed Trump would be helpful until I read this on NBCnews

    “Donald Trump and his administration have publicly declared their disdain for Chelsea, and for President Obama’s decision to commute her sentence,” the Chelsea Resists! statement said. “Chelsea has stood by the testimony from her 2013 court-martial, and this subpoena serves no legitimate purpose. It is a punitive effort to reverse Obama’s legacy, exposing Chelsea to legal hardship and possible imprisonment.”

    So, makes me sad/angry to read this. I look forward to the revolution of all govt. now!! Bring on the pole shift!!!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I think the same attitude applies to Assange within the Trump administration. I wonder what the reasoning is. Of course, with Trump, the situation might be the opposite of what it seems.

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