Q, Denver Airport, Animatronic: Hmmmm. . . Notice the timing . . .

Very latest Q drop from early this am:

Now of course I, and so many many others, have long remarked on the strange, even demonic symbolism in the Denver airport murals — and that terrifying horse, the one that killed its sculptor when its head fell onto his leg during construction.

Beware of Blucifer, the Demon Horse of the Denver Airport

But oh, wait a minute, worrying about that horse, and those murals, isn’t this just another deranged conspiracy theory? Especially the idea that there’s another, much larger military complex underneath the Denver Airport that connects via tunnels to other underground complexes all across America?

D.U.M.B. and dumber: Deep Underground Military Bases

Given that latest Q post above, I found it exceedingly odd that only 24 hours earlier, another major announcement about the Denver Airport had appeared, this one just as creepy, in fact, creepier, than all the rest:

Denver Airport Adds Talking Animatronic Gargoyle to Make Light of Dark Rumors Associated with Major Travel Hub

Peering bleary-eyed in the early morning at this video, I notice passers-by, their various relationships with this AI monstrosity.  They seem embarrassed, delighted, in awe (especially the kids). It’s that strangeness that alerts me. If their responses are typical, then we’re nowhere near getting where we need to go in order to see our way through the evils that have beset us for thousands of years.

Last night, I emailed my latest post on the Q book to one of my brothers, thinking he, of all my sibs, might find the Q phenomenon of interest. Answer: “Nope. NOT interested.”

All of a sudden, I felt abandoned, as if I had received a slap in the face. All of a sudden, there I was, back in that reality where I was the only one in my entire family to red pill myself, starting with the Catholic religion, over 40 years ago. How alone I felt then. For years.  Spinning out into oblivion.

So yes, there it was again, with my brother’s response, that old feeling. The timing was uncanny. Not just for the Q notice, coupled with news of the animatronic device that appears to interact with likely mind-controlled flesh and blood humans at the Denver airport, and meanwhile make fun of “conspiracy theorists” and their concerns, but the timing for me was real, too. I wonder how much my animatronic devices — computer, iphone, ipad — are interacting with my own brain, entraining it in certain directions rather than others. Am I really myself? Do I have a soul?

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3 Responses to Q, Denver Airport, Animatronic: Hmmmm. . . Notice the timing . . .

  1. Of Course: Anything Goes….In your face…https://youtu.be/OIVxq2Vg7U0

  2. turtleturtle says:

    I wondered the same thing last week. Then the old psych training kicked in and said, if you are able to ask the question, you are not crazy…or possessed…or mind controlled, or soul-less.
    Then again, maybe that was a lie too!

  3. rose day says:

    The ‘how’ of the gargoyle’s split-second, comic and often spot-on remarks is amazing and brings to mind comedians who are entertaining yet at a safe distance from the
    often mean-spirited barbs.

    How like Controllers to marginalize a thought-provoking issue as conspiracy theory via a comedy routine replete with the occasional snide observation within a ‘from mouths of gargoyles’ meme.


    As to perils inherent on the journey to awakening (which can be quite lonely at times) I share this thought . . . many on Earth prefer to remain asleep-at the-wheel which is a choice, to be honored as such without judgment, and for the sake of all it would seem best to plan road trips accordingly.

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