Green Acres Village: Social/Cultural permaculture practiced here!

Andreas planting seeds, end January 2019

Last Sunday I attended a concert by Dario, a PhD piano student at IU who lived here in the DeKist 2 house last year. I went with Andreas, another fabulous pianist, who is this spring due to receive his Ph.D. Andreas still lives here, and can be found not just practicing the piano, but in the greenhouse and participating in our work parties. Likewise Dario, during his year with us.

Here’s a photo of a bunch of us from a month or so ago. I’m on the left, then Annie, who arranges concerts for outlying towns, Andreas, Justin, and Gabrielle, the three who now live in the DeKist 2 house.

One of the astonishing perks of this way of life is the number and kind of people who live in and or regularly visit our little village, for varying lengths of time, enriching all of us with their specific gifts.

Justin and I attended an Andreas concert a week ago, in a church in tiny Beanblossom, Indiana, a small town near here that also sports an eight day Bluegrass Festival every summer. I’m not that “into” bluegrass, but I do marvel all the astonishing musical options that exist in south central Indiana.

Just wish they had videotaped Andreas’s performance of Rachmaninoff’s Etudes, full of astonishing rhythmic virtuosity. In awe.

In awe also, of Dario’s performance last Sunday of Saint-Saen’s Piano Concerto #2 in an I.U. concert hall. Plus, he told me afterwards, recent housemate Alex was on the bassoon! I hadn’t noticed.

Andreas and Alex gifted us with a bassoon/piano concert one evening after one of our Community Dinners. 

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