As of this morning, the new Q book is already #2 on Amazon!

I remember that I was in Massachusetts at the time I discovered Qanon. It was in early November, 2017, and I was instantly galvanized. WHAT IS THIS?

Qanon’s first post was on October 28, 2017, so I was present almost from the beginning. Proud of that now! On the other hand, I do realize that however wonderful this Q phenomenon is in terms of galvanizing the public to let go of the deep state operated MSM in favor of this brand new way of keeping track of, and making sense of, important events and plans, especially regarding the ongoing world-changing political and geopolitical drama, waiting incessantly for more Q drops can also operate as a distraction, keeping us in our seats with popcorn, rather than getting up and moving into action ourselves. Which is why I’ve been focusing so much on action lately, challenging the reader to ask “What is it that I personally, am meant to do” — during this time, I’d like to add, of tremendous human transformation? What is it that I, specifically, am meant to do, given my skills, talents, time, connections, passions, and so on. Each of us needs to ask ourselves this question, and to respond with every fiber in our being. For WWG1WGA.

Where We Go One We Go All. This Q movement, for it is a movement now, is bringing us together, and will, if taken to heart, eventually heal even the most pernicious of divides that the deep state has designed and encouraged to keep us in conflict.

I am pleased to announce that as of today, the new Q book, just barely published, has already reached #2 on Amazon’s bet seller list!

I see that the book already has 104 reviews, all of them 5 star. Not surprised. For we are getting organized, folks, and when a book needs a review, we do it. Here’s how Amazon lists this book:


Meanwhile, Joe M., who composed a wonderful video a few months ago to help red pill good-hearted folks who are not yet aware of Q, has now remastered this video and updated it to this present moment when, despite all the terrified MSM diatribes (why? if Q is “merely a conspiracy”), is now due to get “many new eyes in the coming weeks.”





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4 Responses to As of this morning, the new Q book is already #2 on Amazon!

  1. Alex Simack says:

    Great news!

    I googled last night for QAnon support groups and went thru 5 pages before giving up. Would be nice to rap with a few others. Any suggestions? Google apparently only references those who ridicule QAnon.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Interesting. I have no idea. Maybe put the word out on twitter? Or are you on twitter? Possibly facebook, though all my “friends” there are from before, and decidedly blue-pilled. Good luck!

  2. Anthony says:


    Promoting “Q”??!!


    I KNEW it!! You are really a government agent, working to brainwash us all!! I bet that you have an undercover job promoting “Q” on alternate news websites!!

    I can picture your troll screen name now: “PermaQulture”!!

    Obviously I’m kidding! Though we often don’t see the same side of things re: Trump and “Q”, it doesn’t matter. We both want freedom for humanity, and as you state often it’s gonna happen at the grass-roots level – something you are doing in the best way possible.

    I only post what I do because I’m a cantankerous old coot who believes in getting out ALL the information for consideration from every viewpoint. But I promise to keep doing it with love, respect and humor.

    I do wonder, though, why do I see things so differently from you on certain topics?

    Could it be that it is because you are a visionary, one who literally works with the Earth to produce life, and who sees what this planet can become if people reconnect with the all-that-is and learn to grow their own food?

    And do I see things differently simply because my work involves – well…um,

    – working with “used food?”


    – Jack Handy

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hilarious! Thanks, “Jack”! Exopermaqulture. Love it! On the other hand, of course I too, may be way off base in trusting that Q is real. Talking with my son Colin last night, he’s more skeptical, but wants to trust the ones I trust. On the other hand, no matter how firm “The Plan,” it may not work, in which case we’re all screwed. We may all be screwed anyway, if more of us don’t let go of the popcorn and get off our butts!

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