DJT: Are we just jealous?

About a decade ago, I noticed that whoever I “hated” or “loved” was actually exhibiting qualities of my own, in denied form. Which meant, in order to discover more about myself, all I had to do was notice the qualities of those people that I felt jealous of! Either I loved that person, or I hated that person, because I wasn’t recognizing that same quality in myself! Solution: begin to consciously recognize that same quality in myself — and if it’s something I don’t like about myself, then apply my mantra “face it, embrace it, erase it”; if it’s something I would like to like about myself, then notice the little seeds of where I already am that way, and cultivate them.

So, take the case of DJT. Notice how everyone either hates him or loves him? And it’s been going on for decades, though the stage is even bigger now.

The point is, what DJT expresses is inside all of us, whether or not we know it. And it’s time we recognize that, both the bloviating exaggerator, and the intensely focused successful “entrepreneur” We all have the qualities he carries, somewhere inside us. We can all learn from him. And meanwhile, we can be grateful that someone of such evident immensity, a superman who polarizes us so totally into love or hate and thus requires us to integrate the opposites, has taken the reins of the U.S.A.

BTW: In case you’re wondering if DJT really does have the chops to do what he does, read this long 1984 piece in the NYT —

The Expanding Empire of Donald Trump

Things I learned from reading it: he hardly ever takes notes, holding volumes of info in his head; he is both oriented towards the big picture and fanatically attentive to details; he is fearless, and gets things done; yes, he exuberantly lies and exaggerates, but in business dealings, is straight as an arrow; there’s no sense trying to best him in any negotiations.

— thanks to quodverum and Thomas Wictor

It’s Always Great to Be Underestimated

His apparent mastery of 3D life is so phenomenal and long-running, that we should NOT be surprised at anything DJT manages to accomplish as president. And, I’ve noticed — have you? — that he feeds on the response of the crowds, whether positive or negative, doesn’t matter.

Yes, truly a colossus, he strides across the world, sleeping only three or four hours per night, an archetypal fountain continuously flowing.

(The secret service calls him MGL, for “mogul.”)

Where’s your colossus? Hiding? Pretending that only Trump has what it takes? Hating him for it? Loving him for it? Take back the projection folks. Own your own magnificence. Wake up. It’s time.


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2 Responses to DJT: Are we just jealous?

  1. Gene Morstad says:

    You are drinking the Jonestown cool-aid. As a fellow follower of Dances of Universal Peace and someone who admires a lot of what you do I think that you have taken a very wrong turn. Your aversion to the Deep State has led you into the machinations of the alternative, wannabe Deep State and to wishful thinking about the fake messiah DJT.
    You don’t have to choose between the Deep State and the Trump State. None of the above is a valid option.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, if you read that piece all the way through, you see that I’m challenging all of us to take back our projection onto DJT, whatever it is. I guess yours is “hate”?

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