The Synergy of the Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

For two years now, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a presentation at the local library called something like “The Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.” This presentation was not going to be political; I was going to focus on the energetics of Trump’s effect on the U.S. For astrologically it’s all there, as I stated in this early 2016 post:

The astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

And then the day after he was elected, I wrote this:

Post-election, day one: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A

But something still stops me from doing this library presentation. The situation still feels dangerous, likely to attract people who are unhinged. Really? I do think so. And that’s probably because I live in an academic town, Bloomington, home of Indiana University, where so-called “liberal,” “progressive” values prevail. Like  newly conservative activist Brandon Straka, I was very much a part of the left wing in America, from the 1960s on. But then something changed. Or did it? Or was it just that I changed? in any case, all I know is I had to walk away.

And yet, I’m not happy with the “conservative” wing of the two-headed “Money Party” (as Roseanne Barr calls it) either. Neo-libs and neo-cons: both love war — unlike Trump, who must battle them both.

Hey folks! Let’s remember how to debate and hammer out the reasons for our vastly differing points of view on political issues, rather than just insist that only one side, “our side,” is the right one. So I was very gratified to see that during his epic, rollicking, two hour “off script” presentation to CPAC, Trump said he is about to sign an EO that requires universities “to support free speech if they want federal research dollars.”

I was amazed to see and feel all the cheering young people in that CPAC hall. Clearly, not all millennials are snowflakes.

I’m still not going to do that library presentation. But I AM toying with the idea of getting a red MAGA hat. Or at least a Q teeshirt. And wear it, or them, in public. Though I doubt I’d go out alone. Even here, where civility usually prevails, I can feel the undercurrents of mind-controlled fury that the long-term deep state plan to slice and dice us into tinier and tinier “politically correct” siloes has wrought.

Hey! I’m a human being, you’re a human being. Let’s all just get along, shall we?

Trump, communing ecstatically with his decidedly conservative CPAC audience: “I’m in love. You’re in love. We’re all in love.” 

Yes, we are in love!

Let’s now spread that love to include whomever we consider to be outside, wrong, bad, etc. This does not mean that we need to agree with them, or to dissolve all walls, including the one being built on the southern border. Because we each need to keep our own identity, our own authority, our own sovereignty. That goes for you, for me, for this neighborhood, this town, this state, this nation. Sovereignty: beginning with the self, every entity at every level deserves nothing less.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Ann,

    I’m just posting this for posterity. I pray that I am wrong, and that Uranus in Taurus will correct all of this. But I feel that, as a “facts” guy, this stuff needs to be shared.

    I pray that I am wrong, and that what Trump has been doing is bringing all the evil that has gone on for millennia forward so that people can see it and change it. Maybe Uranus in Taurus will do this. I hope so. But these are the “facts” as I currently see them, and I can’t unsee them. Anyway:

    What Trump has done since becoming president:

    1. Locked her up.

    2. Prosecuted high-profile pedophiles.

    3. Outed 9/11 perpetrators, as promised.

    4. Audited the Fed.

    5. Drained the swamp.

    6. Taken away North Korea’s nukes.

    7. Made life better for the Palestinians.

    8. Removed troops from Syria and Afghanistan, and other bases.

    9. Built the wall. (…thus stopping the CIA and FBI agents who have been the ones actually running drugs and human trafficking rings)

    10. Curtailed the treasonous actions of the CIA and FBI.

    11. Added a Supreme Court Justice who wants to curtail the Patriot Act.

    12. Made public certain FISA and other government documents in the name of transparency.

    13. Hired a Federal Reserve chairman who believes in a strong dollar.

    14. Brought the treasonous actions of former presidents out into the light of day.

    15. Stood 100% behind the second amendment of the constitution, to the very letter of its original intent.

    Oh wait, I’m sorry…please add “/S” to the end of every one of the above points.

    So, what has he actually done?

    1. Bombed Syria, twice, and sent more troops there.

    2. Completely ignored the “Deep State” sending more munitions to Saudi Arabia to continue bombing the living F*&k out of Yemen.

    3. Not pulled out of ANY country where we currently have troops, but instead SENT MORE.

    4. Allowed Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to continue raising interest rates in the face of an oncoming depression.

    5. Said: “Take the guns first; due process later.” Personally, I prefer: “Leave the gun; take the canoli.”

    6. Has added former Goldman-Sachs and other deep swamp bankster creatures to his cabinet and other positions (Mnuchin, Ross, Kushner etc.)

    7. Added Pompeo, Bolton, and other warhawks to his cabinet.

    8. Has a son-in-law who had Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sleep in his bed; who has direct connections with the Rothschilds and George Soros; and who belongs to the Israeli Chabad-Lubavitch end-times death cult – and he personally attended their ceremonies.

    9. Has passed legislation making it illegal to criticize Israel.

    10. Has bent over backwards to placate Israel’s policies, and to let them disregard Palestinian claims so Israel can build a capitol on their land.

    11. Is currently advocating the invasion of Venezuela.

    12. Started a trade war with China knowing full well America no longer has the mass production capability to offset the loss of Chinese industry.

    13. Has fired almost anyone with a conscience who has worked for him.

    14. Has reality TV and bankruptcy experience, which may be why he is in office now: so he can play the role of “mediator” and *soften* the blow when America is called to task for its “evils” and has to give up its riches to pay back the world…when this entire freaking crapshow has been choreographed and carried out by the international banksters who put this country in this position to begin with and used it as a hammer to knock down the few remaining countries that didn’t have a central bank that answered to the @$$holes who OWN this world (and who work out of Brussels and other international cities).

    15. Plenty of other stuff that I can’t remember now but maybe later…

    Just to let you know, I TRULY hope all of what I wrote above has been allowed to happen and be shared with everyone world-wide so that humanity as a whole can see what has happened in this world for eons, and can then make a better choice. Maybe it takes putting stuff like this forward into people’s faces so that the collective can choose a better path. That is what I am hoping for… but I can’t ignore any of it, and feel a need to point it out.

    In any case, thanks for letting me post this here. And may all of humanity see what is going on, and choose FREEDOM and not slavery. Take care…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for your point of view on all that may or may not have happened, Tony! I’m all for vigorous debate and not shutting anyone down, especially those like you who are sincerely concerned and deeply informed, at least from your own point of view, which is all any of us ever have, really. A single point of view among billions.

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