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Expanding Perspectives on the Smollett Sh*tstorm

Interesting how any one incident, given MSM publicity, can blossom backwards and forwards in both time and space to reveal what does increasingly appear to be a powerful leftist deep state and MSM media operation to fatally malign Trump and … Continue reading

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Follow your passion — or else! My dear old friend Julia has just taken the plunge.

In this do or die period in his-story, it behooves us to drop everything that no longer or never did sing in our blood and bones. That old gunk is holding us back from self-discovery, self-exploration, and ultimately, the gifting … Continue reading

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Let us recognize and balance Evil with Good: Four Stories

I used to think of myself as a “liberal,” of course! — until . . . I’m not sure what all happened; it’s like a long, fuzzy smear, looking back; but at some point it became startlingly obvious to me … Continue reading

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Can we now utilize Qanon to redpill reluctant friends and family?

That was my question when I watched this video, which Q posted, titled, and appreciated. What strikes me about this video is how the Q “proofs” demonstrate mastery of the 3D temporal dimension, i.e., of linear time-lines: past to present … Continue reading

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MOON LORE on day of February’s Full “Blood Moon”

Today’s Full Moon, which occurred at 10:54 AM EST (so we can’t see it; this Full Moon happens for North America in daylight, with Moon on opposite side of Earth from Sun), is one of the year’s three biggies, Blood … Continue reading

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Border Security? “Poison pills”? And Trump’s National Emergency announcement. WHAT’S REAL?

I watched Bombard’s body language, referring to Trump’s announcement declaring a National Emergency for the border wall outside the W.H. She expressed surprise at how hesitant and non-Trumpian he looked and sounded. That he kept looking down, fiddling with papers, … Continue reading

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The Real Green New Deal continued . . .

See this, first: Green New Deal spurs conversion to Permaculture? Then, check this out. I had no idea that Big Ag sends American produce overseas to be processed, and then sends it back for sale, just like other products! Of … Continue reading

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After more than two years, WHY IS TRUMP STILL PRESIDENT, or even, STILL ALIVE?

I realize that there are many “narratives,” i.e., dot-connecting threads, that could be spun  to account for the fact that, after more than two years, despite massive opposition from moles inside, and open or secret foes outside, the White House, … Continue reading

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