Follow your passion — or else! My dear old friend Julia has just taken the plunge.

In this do or die period in his-story, it behooves us to drop everything that no longer or never did sing in our blood and bones. That old gunk is holding us back from self-discovery, self-exploration, and ultimately, the gifting of our own unique song to the universal symphony.

Furthermore, as I’m sure you’ll agree, that old gunk is getting downright boring!

For me, whenever something gets boring, it’s over!

I’ve been urging my dear old friend and former Green Acres neighbor (she lived four houses away) to move into her mushroom madness for years now. And on this very day, I’m honored to be the very first person to put my money where my mouth was and donate $50 to this beautiful kickstarter cause. Not that it’s just a donation. For I will receive three bottles of her future mushroom essences, and frankly, can’t wait!

It’s hard to believe that not even ten years ago the idea of funding one’s private efforts with donations received from the public at large over the internet was unheard of! It used to be that those with a big idea and no start-up funds had to go to banks and beg for a loan. No longer. Now we can describe what we want to do to our peers, and they can decide for themselves whether our passion is worth their support.

Despite the increasing split between the have-too-much’s and the have-hardly-anything’s, for those who dare to ignite the aliveness within their own being, despite fear and trepidation, letting nothing stop them, nothing! a great leveling — and upwelling! — of humanity is simultaneously taking place. Can you feel it?

So here’s to the big idea of Julia Jackson, my old friend who has since moved to California, first to the Bay Area, and now to Humboldt County. Plenty of forest for foraging.

Tranceplanted Mushroom Essence

“subtle body medicine that treats body, heart and soul”


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  1. Wonderful! Yes, it’s time to follow passions and release whatever becomes boring. I was just appreciating how free everything feels with some recent releases and upgrades.

    Best of luck to Julia! Mushrooms are also very connected to Faerie. 😉

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