After more than two years, WHY IS TRUMP STILL PRESIDENT, or even, STILL ALIVE?

I realize that there are many “narratives,” i.e., dot-connecting threads, that could be spun  to account for the fact that, after more than two years, despite massive opposition from moles inside, and open or secret foes outside, the White House, Congress, the Courts, the CIA, Justice Department, FBI, the entire Democratic party and all the RINOs, mainstream media, Hollywood, snooty liberal academics and others who see Trump as either an idiot and a fool or a power-mad emperor — President Donald J. Trump has still! not been either assassinated or impeached! Some think it divine intervention, and regularly invoke “God” to account for everything that happens here on Earth. Well, maybe, but as my son Colin once remarked, when he was only three years old: “There’s lottsa gods!” To me, invoking god, or “the deus ex machina,” is just like the ending to a well-made play: you can’t figure out how to make all the various dramas coalesce into a single, fabulous denouement, so you just invoke the bearded man in the sky, he who figures it all out. I.e., invoking “god” is just a way to pretend that you can’t figure it all out. And yes, most likely we can’t figure it all out, but this here is one of the best narrative attempts I’ve come across.

Shadow Warriors: How Trump’s Praetorian is Saving the Republic

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  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    After more than two years, WHY IS TRUMP STILL PRESIDENT, or even, STILL ALIVE?

    Duh, that’s not a hard question to answer… he is serving his masters well, keeping the country divided while the corporatist steal the national wealth. Of course it helps that some of the extremistin his base would unleash violence across the country if he were ousted.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You and I hold completely different versions of Trump in our minds! So interesting, given that we have been on the same page for decades.

  2. Why is Trump still alive?


    He uses opposing energy to regenerate himself. The more people fight him, the more determined and powerful he gets. Relentless: like Pluto. Vengeful: like Pluto. Love him or hate him, DJT’s not going away. It’s hilarious when viewed through that lens. All stereotypes of Pluto apply to “Trump,” including both the Shadow side and the Rebirth side. Destroy to create. Overpower to free. Resistance is futile. He’s prepping the US for its first Pluto Return. In a battle of wills, Pluto “Trumps” all.

    If you fear Pluto, it will be quite a long and painful initiation. If you’ve made peace with Pluto, astrologically in your life and with the archetype itself, then you’ll recognize the opportunity for deep healing and renewal.

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