Reflections on yesterday’s EUREKA post: WHAT IF??!!??

Note: See this first.

So. Even last night when I put up the “Eureka” post I surprised myself for doing so. What was I doing, shouting off my mouth like that, with absolutely NO research whatsoever, beyond knowing that Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, like Donald Trump, a Republican, hates war?

But put it up I did, and as I was doing so, I was reminded of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her Green New Deal, a wild, unreasonable conjecture if there ever was one, totally impractical, and bound to cause heart attacks, at the very least!

I wondered, am I just like Sandy? Am I doing the same thing here? Maybe so. And yet . . . maybe it’s even a good idea! Let me attempt to tell you why. But first .  . .

I just had to get another perspective. So I asked a very smart friend of mine what she thought of the idea of a Trump/Gabbard Independent ticket for 2020. Here was her response:

I actually think that Trump has become the face of the GOP. I doubt he will leave it, as it’s too risky at this juncture to split the party. That’s the strategy with the Dem’s, but in order for that fracturing strategy to work in that area, he can’t really afford to count on people going totally Independent — especially with Schultz running as an Independent. Trump’s already done a lot to clear out the RINOs and has shown that if people don’t have his support the base doesn’t show up for them. I could see moves for Independents to become a real political force after 2024, but I would be shocked if DJT goes that route at this time.

Tulsi Gabbard? I don’t know enough about her to say either way. From her background, I could see them working together. I would be really surprised if they run together. Also, I really do get the feeling that Pence and DJT are good friends now. They weren’t originally, but they seem to be working very well together. When I’ve seen them together, the energies are light and relaxed.

According to Q, they are working to destroy the Dem party before 2020. I guess we’ll see how successful they are. I predict much more nastiness before 2020 … FISA and other declas will be key, imho, as well as taking out the lying media. How are they still on the air?

I asked my friend if I could quote her in this new post. She said yes, but don’t use her name. Okay. I had told her why I wanted to write this second post. Here goes, from our email exchange, and this time it’s me speaking:

I would like to write another piece that focuses on the impulse that made me write that first one (perhaps coming from the electrification?), and compare it to AOC’s wild GND, saying that I appreciate what she’s doing, because it just tosses all sorts of stuff up in the air. Which is what I did with the Trump/Gabbard piece. Just toss stuff up in the air. Sometimes, in order to clean house, we have to first toss in the air the messes we have made — which include all sorts of seemingly permanent assumptions.

Both the idea of a Republican and a Democrat joining forces as Independents, and the idea of putting the idea of transforming the military front and center, way beyond any other consideration, do that. Both the R/D polarity, and the polarity between the seemingly intractable MIC elephant in the room and everything else, need to be completely upended. As the U.S. moves towards its first ever Pluto return, with transit Saturn pressing on Pluto now, I think we need to encourage this kind of “absurd” thinking about the future.

It would be so cool if I would first quote you, saying that yes, that’s what I would think too, if my thinking was still rational, but it’s not, it’s electrified!

YES. LET’S. Toss stuff in the air. The stuff of our usual way of thinking, whatever that is. Especially, the stuck, long-standing divisions in our cultural mental matrix, like Republican vs. Democrat; and like corporatist warmongering for minerals and other resources (covered up by hypocritical “humanitarian” calls for  democracy in countries subject to U.S. predation).

I know the distinctions I am making here sound so simple as to be simple-minded. It reminds me of back when I was shopping my Ph.D. dissertation around to professors in the Boston University philosophy department. My major professor loved it. It was the point on the end of his spear. But I needed a “second reader” in order to schedule the final defense of the dissertation. For awhile there, no one would touch it with a ten-foot pole. It was a political football in the department, and one of the professors actually said “it reads like a comic book.”

Perhaps this Trump/Gabbard proposal does too. Unlike back then, when I meant every word of what I said, so determined was I to upend the entire history of philosophy, starting with Descartes, as primarily responsible for the devastating cultural split between our minds and our bodies — and therefore our selves from each other and the earth under our feet — this time, I don’t really mean it. Or I should say, I’m just tossing the Trump/Gabbard proposal up in the air as a “WHAT IF?”

For example, this entire experiment here in Green Acres Village is a WHAT IF. What if we live with each other and the land differently in the suburbs? Let’s try it out. See what happens!

And I’d love to see other WHAT IFs tossed up in the air, both purely mental ones, and those actually grounded into living experiments — not just from me and Sandy, but from all sorts of people. WHAT IF we could live differently, think about the world differently, rip apart all the assumptions that have been driving our entire civilization to destruction? WHAT IF? Would it be possible?

When Pluto returns we have just that opportunity. The natal U.S. Pluto sits at 25° Capricorn. Transit Pluto is now at 21°52 Capricorn, with Saturn close behind at 15°48° Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto will conjunct for the first time in 30 years next January 2020. Between then and early 2025, when Pluto goes into Aquarius, this Plutonian process, which will grind down long-standing Capricornian structures of society, will be in play.

(I’ve said for awhile now that Trump is President because he’s thoroughly experienced with the laws of bankruptcy.)

Both Saturn and Pluto are moving through the second house of the U.S. chart, where Pluto sits natally, and therefore, where we find our Primal Value. What is of value to us as American citizens? How do we value ourselves, and our nation? For example, we always say — it’s a damn truism! never questioned! — “Money is the bottom line.” But is money the bottom line? If so, must it be?

Pluto energy is primal, powerful, way beyond human understanding, its cycle 248 years long, a span of time that we humans cannot live through in one lifetime. Only when we complete the first cycle of any planet can we learn to recognize the significance of what happened during that cycle. Otherwise, while the first cycle of any planet is ongoing, we’re at a loss, tossed on unknown currents, hellbent to who knows where.

Remember: we are coming up to the very first Pluto return to its natal place in our young nation’s history. Pluto governs the cycle of Life and Death, of forms materializing into and out of the void. Above all, recognize: Pluto first destroys; Pluto requires first Death, before any possible Rebirth. The U.S.A. as we’ve known it, has been at war 93% of its entire existence, with the business of war the biggest business, the biggest RACKET, of all time. This automatic warmongering attitude is what must die first. And the right/left political divide — as well as every other divide — that drives us apart must also die first. All of us know this, if we bother to think at all. We can’t just keep going the way we have been, if we want a planet habitable for our children’s children.

Trump’s right. As a still young nation just now reaching its very first Pluto return, let’s reach for GREATNESS.

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8 Responses to Reflections on yesterday’s EUREKA post: WHAT IF??!!??

  1. David says:

    You do seem electrified; your words carry energy. I feel the human voice is able to induce more resonance. I’d like to hear your crone voice with its patina of age speaking-uttering–casting spells. Podcast. Meanwhile words are spelled and I remain—spellbound.

    PS We all could do with exercising our greatness. Our sovereignty. Put it all out there, in the air -out loud. The hour is getting late..

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Interesting that you say that. I’ve been toying with the idea of a podcast, and since I usually start new ventures only in response to someone’s request, this just might do the trick! So thanks! Decades ago, I was told that I have a “radio voice.” And as a crone, the voice cracking might just add a new wrinkle. Heh heh.

  2. Tracy says:

    “…Descartes, as primarily responsible for the devastating cultural split between our minds and our bodies — and therefore our selves from each other and the earth under our feet-”
    I had no idea there was anyone else on this planet that believed that as well. Jiminy Crickets! Descartes, Freud, Darwin were all enemies of the people. Each posited theories that created damage on subsequent levels of our humanity crushing us to be prepared to be molded to the corporate bonds of slavery.

    I agree with David. Our words have power, and far more than we understand. Perhaps it is time to gather together at podcasts and youtube lives [instead of t.v. & hollyweird] and open ourselves to the warmth and wisdom of the elders, for if we do seriously break down the ‘control’ corporate systems, it will be you and those like you who will be able to offer functional life and spiritual ideas on how to move our culture forward with integrity and some sense of morality, loving individualism and creativity instead of bullying everyone into some idealogical stricture.

    PS I used to fear to grow older; with your wisdom as a guidepost, I am beginning to understand this long journey has a purpose.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Oh my, you have no idea how much your commentary helps me! Makes my day! With both you and David chiming in, the coming podcast series just got a swift kick in the pants. THANK YOU!

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    Perhaps ask Vice President Pence to start leading globally televised, live, scheduled transcendental meditations for global peace…

    His first meditation might focus on forgiveness in all its realms.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Interesting, out of box, idea! And of course, hard to imagine. On the other hand, he often looks as if perhaps he might be meditating, so little expression on his face.

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