EUREKA! I’ve got it! The Dream Team for 2020



It’s this. Thundered into me as I was reading Caitlin Johnson’s incisive perspective on Tulsi Gabbard’s just born presidential bid:

Why Tulsi Gabbard Drives the MSM Hacks Bat-sh*t Crazy

“Republican” DONALD J. TRUMP CHOOSES “Democrat” TULSI GABBARD AS HIS VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE FOR HIS RE-ELECTION BID IN 2020. THEY RUN TOGETHER ON AN INDEPENDENT TICKET thus ignoring, and rendering irrelevant, the two-headed right/left political monster that has been pulling the strings.

In their campaign, they focus squarely on their common passion:

• To Release Imperial Hegemony

• To Bring the Troops Home

And, I would add:

• To Utilize the Troops to Rebuild the Infrastructure of this Nation 

While I admit I haven’t researched Tulsi’s other political positions, I presume that they don’t matter. All the rest are mere details. What truly and deeply matters is the fact that America has been at war 93% of its time as a nation, that’s 222 out of 239 years. This deeply corrupt addiction to power and destruction must come full stop, NOW, no matter what the cost, nor how much business-as-usual is ruined. 

For if we are conscious, i.e., if a high enough percentage of us wake up,  we can move through this magnificent transformation — from war-mongering to peace-making— with high spirits, expansive vision, and enlivened by a mass infection of national purpose,  what Trump called for in his 2019 SOTU: GREATNESS.

And Remember: “Great nations don’t fight endless wars.”

Can you imagine the buried human energy released from this single switch in focus, from War to Peace? Destruction to Creation? Hate to Love? How it will regenerate Life on Earth?

Or, we can choose to remain unconscious, i.e., just stick to our ideological guns, hold on to our “position” in the right/left split-brain paradigm, and continue slouching towards armaggeddon.

The choice is clear.

It involves breaking down barriers.

It creates unity of purpose.

Trump/Gabbard for 2020!



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