Twitter Tip, plus Dave, Sean, Amazing Polly: Grateful for alt-news sources!

Twitter Tip: How’s this for a bit of backstory on Pelosi?

Next, Dave, of the X22 Report, who simply never fails to amaze me. He seems to be unusually capable of seeing “what happens” in a very complex and layered manner, as if he’s fully absorbed both The Art of War and The Art of the Deal. (Both of which I want to read!) Check out his very latest, for example, 1776b (he usually does two a day, “a” and “b”):

Sean, of the SGT Report, speaks of the latest New York stunning move to sanction killing full term babies (with the Catholic cardinal’s approval?), plus a concise and very telling reading of the extremely hurtful Covington fiasco as false flag, distraction.

Amazing Polly is a relatively new source, for me. Love the way she goes about doing what she does. On google search, she describes her title this way: “Our entire culture is narcissistic & I use my channel to work through my own cognitive dissonance via humor, philosophy, stream of consciousness vlogs and co.” BTW, I had never heard of “Impossible Meat” before. Geez!

This is not to say that I “beLIEve” any of the above. Rather, as an alt-epistemologist, I aim to keep my mind OPEN. But I do find all these videos interesting, provocative, and helpful as I constantly brush off the dandruff of mainstream propaganda.


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3 Responses to Twitter Tip, plus Dave, Sean, Amazing Polly: Grateful for alt-news sources!

  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks so much Ann. I listened to Dave and Sean’s reports last night. I’m curious to listen to Polly. Hadn’t heard of her.

    Just an fyi. I think you meant to type Dave for X22report and not Sean

    Bug hugs and thanks for all you do

  2. Dawn says:

    Or big hugs. 😆

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