Local widening gyre widens again, and deepens: Green Acres Village

Note: See this, and this, for current posts on “widening gyre.”

Now I’m feeling that gyre, not as a swirling energy that has robbed me in any way of my connection to what used to be called discrete, atomized “facts” and their linear chains called “causal connections,” (if you recall, I banished that “scientific” blarney a long time ago), i.e., not as an alt-epistemological mental phenomenon, but emotionally, as a warm, steaming cauldron of vibrant human energy that has been accumulating over more than seven decades among me and my many beloveds.

For example, this morning, a call with Ellen, an old friend who once again, lives in the town we both lived in, way back in the 1970s (and also happens to be where I grew up), Twin Falls, Idaho. Walking the dogs after our talk, I realized that Ellen and I had not only processed our own “stuff,” with each other, as we used to do regularly in person, but had managed to not just touch in, but dwell for sometimes considerable time, on the trials, tribulations, dramas, and accomplishments of children, their spouses, grandchildren, other old old friends and their children and grandchildren, old lovers and their “new” wives and their children and grandchildren, my six remaining siblings and all their spouses and grandchildren, on and on! In fact, over our delicious 90 minute crone-versation I counted afterwards — while gingerly walking on city streets occasionally slick with ice — us touching-in with at least 50 struggling souls, most of whom are at least familiar to me, and some extremely dear. This widening gyre is pulling us all in together, the way we need to be, the way we really are, no matter how far apart this divisive culture has attempted to pull us.

And here, in Bloomington, Indiana, for about a decade now, I have been working with others to create the same kind of cooperative, compassionate, connected culture that I have long participated in, going back to childhood, with only brief periods of alienation back in my 20s and 30s. And to do it this time, in concert with our primal source of life, the Earth Mother, our revered and most holy Teacher. I sense She must approve, because we seem to be engendering more and more love, with more and more beloveds, all the time!

Here in the latest iteration of my own local widening gyre, I give you the two posts from  www.greenacresvillage.org which I composed and put up there yesterday. Both feature lots and lots of photos.

Green Acres Village: Second and Third Community Dinners of 2019

Dear old friends Mariella and Eva


Green Acres Village: The Growing Cycle Begins on the Coldest Day of the Year

Andreas, concentrating on coaxing tiny tomato seeds into tiny holes in their tiny soil blocks.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Perhaps we have arrived at a time of the Sacred Circle which includes all. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures as well.

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