Alt-Epistemology: How to encompass the Widening Gyre

I remember that spring day in 1970, when the “Kent State massacre” resulted in the death of four students, how, as I was riding my bike to class at Boston University, I kept hearing internally the terrible words: “Turning, turning, the widening gyre . . .”

This alt-epistemological commentary is an unusually deep reflection, utilizing the recent Kentucky Kids drama to show how we all tend to get caught up in the massive, expanding, swirling, gyre that threatens to suck us all into a black hole of oblivion.

A word to the wise! Grateful.

Schrödinger’s Staredown


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2 Responses to Alt-Epistemology: How to encompass the Widening Gyre

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    This is interesting. Because even the article referenced paints two options which are the same side, not two sides. The black Israelite group was actually Antifa, and the Indians, as are being proved out are for-hire political tools. The ‘drumming Indian’ for example, made press two years ago for confronting a teenager, same story different coverage. So this was planned. What was not in the planning was the group, unless the Bishop of the school, who so quickly condemned the students and is now trying to expulse them from the school is being directed from his ‘higher source’. Of course, that is the Pope. The players are being revealed bit by bit; there is no darkness that will not be brought to light. If you have not been following Serial Brain who is decoding all these things, I highly recommend bookmarking and reading. When ‘he’ first began writing, it was at a level that I could decode and so I learned the lessons. Now I can only see the codes, but they are much too complex for me now. In fact, the complexity is such that I wonder if SerialBrain is not somehow part of MI also, and this is his job, to keep those of us less intelligent informed. The players is this created reality are never who we are told they are, the meaning is contorted and contrived, and it has become apparent that the MSM uses our consciousness as creators against us. Even the alternative narratives are controlled. Here is the link to SB:
    PS Heard also that the militia in all 50 states was activated to go to the North and Souther borders and to the capital cities in each state. I do not know the hierarchy of these former (mostly) military soldiers, so I do not know who gave the order. Just something to float. There are coups going on all over the world to overthrow the Pope and any fascist dictators. The military newsletters sometimes give tidbits.
    Bless you for your messages.

  2. Thanks for the link, TurtleTurtle. Also interesting and seems significant:

    the 1000 media layoffs (many of them in departments with very high likelihood of links to alphabet agencies and globalist agendas)

    the announcement of confirmed voter fraud in TX

    I know that Apple had been trying to get a bigger foothold in TX and same day they laid off a bunch of contractors and have a hiring freeze. I’ve been watching the steady efforts to turn TX blue, and those seem to have hit a big hiccup this week at same time as Venezuela and media implosion.

    Interesting times … 🙂

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